Friday, September 30, 2005

UK minister SUPPORTS Israel (shock, horror)

Get this from JPost:

Israel’s response to the recent Kassam rocket attacks on Sderot has been measured and appropriate, Kim Howells, Britain’s Minister of State for the Middle East, told The Jerusalem Post, disregarding Palestinian appeals for the world to rein in the IDF.

Howells, on a three-day visit to the region, hinted in an interview Wednesday night that financial aid to the Palestinian Authority might be withheld if the PA did not seriously begin tackling the terrorism in its midst.

“The Palestinians are receiving more aid per capita than any other people on the face of the earth, and we want to see some proper response,” Howells said, hinting at a decrease of economic aid if the Palestinians don’t fight terror.

Wow, I haven't heard this anywhere else. But then, my TV at campus only has the Beeb. Still, this makes so much sense than you can expect the moaning to start shortly. Hopefully Kim Howells can keep her job.

Militants 'end West Bank truce'

An al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader says the Palestinian militant group will no longer respect a six-month truce after Israeli raids killed three militants.

"There will be no limits to our responses... We need to protect our people," said Zakaria Zubeidi.


End the truce? What truce - you didn't go one day without trying to kill Jews. And Israel killed your militants after they were fired upon.

Joke, absolute joke. How can the BBC report this with a straight face?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"The death of memory"

Caroline B. Glick's latest piece is, as ever, a must-read:

We are a people with a mission in the world. Our mission as Jews and as the Jewish state is predicated on our preservation of our national memory and the actualization of that memory in our lives and in the lives of the generations that come after us.

Motion to bring leadership poll forward defeated

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has narrowly defeated an attempt to force him into a snap contest for the leadership of the Likud party.

A motion to bring forward a poll from April 2006, demanded by his rival Binyamin Netanyahu, was defeated in the 3,000-strong Likud Central Committee.

BBC News

Sharon battles on. Also I wouldn't mind betting that Sharon's recent airstrikes in Gaza were also helpful in reminding Likud members that he is still tough on terrorists - and that might have prevented some of his opponents over Gaza to jump ship just yet. Who knows though? - just one mans theory

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Amm, don't say we didn't tell you...

More and more Kassam Rockets were sent on Sderot right now.
The IDF is going toward the boarders with Gaza. However, the Hamas declared that now he'll reveange Israel for killing 19 Hamas supporters ( that was an accident that the Hamas made but.. ). Don't say we didn't tell you the disengagement leads to trouble.

Palestinian Media Watch

Definitely a worthwhile movie. Spread it everyone.

An attack from Gaza

36 Kassam Rockets were sent yesterday from the Gaza Strip on the Israeli city inside the green line Sderot.
The Az Al Din oeganization has taken responsibility for that. Five people were injured. Mufaz, the Israeli Security Minister declared that Islamic terrorism won't be tolerated, and that we'll reply.
However, when it comes to the Palestinian Terrorists I really don't know what to expect.
The Israeli Left became so pathetic, this night they're protesting in Jerusalem for " coming back to the Geneva agreement ". Like we can and want to.
Amm, the Left has became Pathetic in Israel with his myth, terribly pathetic.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hamas even blow themselves up

GAZA CITY (AFP) - At least five Palestinians were killed and 35 others wounded when a jeep exploded at a military parade organised by Islamist fundamentalist group Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip

The Palestinian interior ministry said Friday that first indications suggested that the blast was caused by Hamas explosives packed into the car



Israeli-Iraqi cooperation against jihaddist terrorism proposed by Iraqi politician !

In an extremely controversial and high-risk visit here, an Iraqi politician has called for a U.S.-backed strategic alliance between Baghdad and Tel Aviv to prevent Islamist extremists and terror-supporting neighbors from subverting the embryonic democracy now taking root in his homeland.

That would be very encouraging to see. Perhaps such a US-backed alliance could be extended to include Turkey and Lebanon. But I doubt we'll live to see that happen ... nevertheless, it would be the best thing to do, and maybe the Iraqis think in more practical terms than we Westerners are inclined to imagine:

Mithal Al-Alusi, secretary-general of the Iraqi Nation Party, said Iraq and Israel should band together against similar threats from Iran, Syria and the growing phenomenon of global jihad. As envisioned, the two longtime adversaries would share intelligence, followed by Iraqi-Israeli defense trade. Eventually, bilateral cooperation would extend to open military-to-military ties, including joint training, said Al-Alusi, a Sunni Muslim from a prominent clan based in Iraq’s al-Anbar province. “We Iraqis have to break free from taboos imposed on us by Saddam, by the Arab League and by the mullahs,” or religious clerics, Al-Alusi said Sept. 13, after speaking at a conference at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism. “If we want to prevail against the terrorists, we need to correct ourselves by aligning with like-minded nations that have the power, the know-how and the resolve never to surrender to terrorism.”

Talibani already stated that he has no problems with Israel, but it is doubtful whether the rest of the country is ready to establish ties, after decades of anti-Jewish propaganda by Saddam.
The example of Mithal Al-Alusi proves that one can withstand the indoctrination, and stay sane ... It is people like him who shaped my view of post-Saddam Iraq. A bit of Al-Alusi is in every Iraqi, just remember how bravely the people defied the terrorists' threats at their first election.
Maybe the new Iraq will teach us bigotted Westerners another lesson by cooperating with the 'Zionist Entity' for the common good of Arabs and Jews. Perhaps they'll show us that Arabs are smarter than we think by scrapping the old stereotype of the Arab as anti-semitic by nature -- provided they are given the necessary freedom to think and act for themselves.

I got confidence in Iraq - they're the minute-men, the avantgarde of the revolution, just as Mickey Moore said. Only one small detail I'd like to correct: It is not the revolution Mickey M. was rooting for ... but its enlightened opposite.

Ashar al-Iraq !

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Simon Wiesenthal, R.I.P.

One of the most marvelous human beings has left us. His legacy and his quest for justice will be remembered forever:

Wiesenthal once spent the Sabbath at the home of a former Mauthausen inmate, now a well-to-do jewelry manufacturer.

After dinner his host said, "Simon, if you had gone back to building houses, you'd be a millionaire. Why didn't you?"

"You're a religious man," replied Wiesenthal. "You believe in God and life after death. I also believe. When we come to the other world and meet the millions of Jews who died in the camps and they ask us, 'What have you done?', there will be many answers.

You will say, 'I became a jeweler',

Another will say, I have smuggled coffee and American cigarettes',

Another will say, 'I built houses',

But I will say, 'I didn't forget you'."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hamas turns out in force

And you wonder why Israel won't negotiate?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sharon "snubs" Blair at UN

Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Prime Minister, has confronted Tony Blair about recent attempts by British human rights lawyers to have senior Israeli Defence Force generals arrested as they arrive in the UK, it was reported today.

Israeli newspapers reported that the two men met on the sidelines of the UN summit in New York yesterday and Mr Blair extended an invitation to his counterpart to visit the UK.

"I would really like to visit Britain,"the Yediot Aharonot newspaper quoted Mr Sharon as replying, jokingly. "The trouble is that I, like General Almog, also served in the IDF for many years. I too am a general. I have heard that the prisons in Britain are very tough. I wouldn’t like to find myself in one."

Mr Sharon was referring to the near-arrest of General Doron Almog, a former Israeli army commander, at Heathrow Airport on Sunday, and the decision of General Moshe Yaalon, the army's former chief of staff, not to attend a speaking engagement in London this weekend because of fears that he too might be arrested.

Israeli military chiefs have been alarmed by the lawsuit filed on behalf of Palestinian victims of alleged war crimes committed by the IDF in 2002 and the issuing of an arrest warrant for General Almog - who stayed on his plane and returned to Israel after being tipped by embassy staff in London.

According to Israeli Army radio, Mr Blair was said to be have been embarrassed by the exchange and to have promised to "take care of the matter". A spokeswoman for 10 Downing Street confirmed that the meeting took place today but declined to comment on the conversation.

Times Online

The utter British insanity over the attempted arrest of General Almog could only be answered with a joke - if you don't laugh, you'd cry

But on a more serious note, what Sharon actually said on the podium was also great and exactly what was needed.

"I call on the Palestinian leadership to show determination and leadership, and to eliminate terrorism, violence, and the culture of hatred from our relations. I am certain that it is in our power to present our peoples with a new and promising horizon, a horizon of hope."

Full Transcript

Hopefully, the assembly took notice off this common sense. But then again, this is the "United Nations" - united in nothing but its hated of Israel.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

What a Spanish Reporter has to say

I was walking along Raval (Barcelona) when all of a sudden I understood that Europe died with Aushwitz. We assassinated 6 million Jews in order to end up bringing in 20 million Muslims! We burnt in Auschwitz the culture, intelligence and power to create. We burnt the people of the world, the one who is proclaimed the chosen people of G-d. Because it is the people who gave to humanity the symbolic figures who were capable of changing history (Christ, Marx, Einstein, Freud...) and who is the origin of progress and wellbeing. We must admit that Europe, by relaxing its borders and giving in under the pretext of tolerance to the values of a fallacious cultural relativism, opened it's doors to 20 million Muslims, often illiterates and fanatics that we could meet, at best, in places such as Raval, the poorest of the nations and of the ghettos, and who are preparing the worst, such as the 9/11 and the Madrid bombing and who are lodged in apartment blocs provided by the social welfare. We also have exchanged culture with fanaticism, the capacity to create with the will to destroy, the wisdom with the superstition. We have exchanged the transcendental instinct of the Jews, who even under the worst possible conditions have always looked for a better peaceful world, for the suicide bomber. We have exchanged the pride of life for the fanatic obsession of death. Our death and that of our children. What a grave mistake that we made!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A new World Order and The Left

On these days, on this year, on the 9th of Av, pioneers were banned from their houses. And why were they thrown out of there to the streets?

Because, the Ariel Sharon wanted to save himself from the High Court. That's why. And the Left is happy for our so called " cousins " that now can recruit unnoticeably more people for Islamic Terror.

Never, never, never give in!

One day we'll have to pull back from Samaria and Judea as well ( not from Jerusalem however ), but, that's not this day, and not the next 30 years!
Not as long as the Palestinians and the rest of the Islamic world are brainwashed every day that a Jewish state shouldn't exist.

No, it's not a secret that the Muslims through the world, well, the majority of them hate us and wants to see our destruction. It's not a secret that in the Quran there's a load of Racism and Anti Judaism verses. It's not secret.

It's also not a secret that Iran is going very swiftly in the path of Nuclear Weapons. And God, please make it a rumor. Please God. Shma Hadonay Yisroel Eloheino, stop Iran from acquiring Nukes. Please God, remember your nation Yisroel.

Yes, a Nuclear Iran that'll probably give a bomb to Al Qaeda is a threat to the Modern World. Instead of what the left thinks that a Persian nuclear bomb will lead to peace, I say it'll lead to another World Clash. Peace won't come with that. This war won't be a war of Honor, as World War I and World War II, it'll be a war of religion.
Of the Islam against everything. As there's in the Quran. The verses that indicates to kill all the infidels wherever they are and especially the Jews.

No, the disengagement won't bring peace. They'll keep sending rockets upon us and we'll reply in the end with an assault over Gaza. And if Iran will have by then a Nuclear Weapon then there are two options to what'll happen.
Or that they'll respond with a deadly outrage and will send few Nukes over Tel Aviv, or will demand to disengage again but this time from Judea and Samaria. In the end, we'll be bombed.

As we should answer, we'll Nuke Teheran, however, they can survive a Nuclear attack, we on the other hand not.

As most of you know, a Nuclear War will become a World War, and an Israeli attack over an Islamic State will result the unification of the Muslim World, and that'll make India, China, Russia, Europe, S.E. Asia, and of course, Israel to suffer.

When I look at it, it's not the 1st time such a war begins under those terms. Actually, Iran reminds me Germany of the 30th. The Superpowers gave in and very soon those countries declared war. It's just a matter of time until Iran will demand Israel to give territory to the Palestinians. Sounds to me like the Sudetenland.

I'm not saying that Iran is a Nazi regime, however, there are some lines of imagination here. Hitler was a terrorist and Ahmedinajad, the current ruler of Iran is a former terrorist. Islam is a racist religion and Nazism was so too. Both made gigantic claims for land and both declared a war for that ( Iran Iraq war, remember?
As the Ruhr valley, or may I say, Alsace Loraine? ).

Not to mention, Muslim Imams supported and encouraged Nazi rebellions in Islamic states, Haj Amin Al Huseiny helped Hitler to put up the final soloution in Germany, and Muslim newspapers show Anti Jewish caricatures. Not that different.

Not very different. To me not at all. Yes, the World is going to war with the Islam. Bush, God bless him, started this war and gave us a base at the heart of the Islamic world.

This war isn't a World Clash yet, however it's going straight in the direction of it. We give in to Islamic terrorism, they think they're a superpower, and they slaughter many non Muslims they found.

Do you know how many Terror attacks were since 2001?
2881. A rate of more than a two per a day!

You know what, I've got sick of being politically correct. Absolutely sick. Islamic Terrorism doesn't come from misinterpretation of Islam, but from the Quran himself. From there, from the Satanic Verses. Those who care too much for this can go and read the Quran, that'll surely open there eyes. Peace there won't be here in the near future, just bloody war.

Now, my nice Neo Left ( just for the protocol, Neo Left are those who care so much for the Palestinians in sake of the Jews ), go ahead and say that it's the " religion of peace ". I bet three fourth of you never read the Quran or think that the terrorism is coming from Nationalism. I wish it would have been Nationalism, however it's not because there's no such a thing a Palestinian nation but that's another matter.

Instead of the Real and Classical left who think of Israel's sake ahead of their goals, you think of the Palestinian's sake and by that's you betray. Traitors. You all who want to give Jerusalem. All of you who say that we're on the way of peace prosper and all the rest of the mythologies and conspiracy theories to their kind.

I hope that during such a war the right will be on rule, because under a pacifist Neo Leftist government Israel will die very quick. Very quick and very painful.

Well, I'm sure that the Left and the Neo Left won't bomb Iran from obvious reasons. It's of the left's history, to believe in Mythologies, as Communism, Anarchism, Global Peace & Village and all the rest of the lies.

And just a question dear Neo Leftists, why don't you condemn the violation of Human Rights in Islamic States?
Why don't you condemn the Palestinian terror, ooops, I've said it wrong " freedom fighting "?
Because they're not from your side. They can't be wrong, yes, we're the Imperialists and Racist Nazi governments.
And what about the Leftist Elitarism?
And Snobbism?
And Holocaust desecration?
Or that's OK? You know, sometimes I think you are ashamed of being born to the Jewish side of the conflict.

But, you and the Muslims can be quite a good allies. Instead of real Leftists as Haavoda and Meretz from the Leftist side, and the settlers from the rightist side, your loyalty isn't very clear to me. Your Anarchists movements who support the movements that claims that we have no right to exist, aren't loyal to their nation at all.

I need to say no further. You go and aid the Muslims in their will to conquer and kill all the Jews and I'll go protecting the Jews. Go away, because what you do is an absolute Treachery.

To summarize it all, peace and love aren't very close to us. Very far.

I know it dorsn't relate to the topic but I can't reply to email so excuse me everyone

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Please Read

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Also, I have decided to disallow comments for all except SSSI members, because I am getting annoying spam and trolling which I do not know how to combat. So until I do, this will have to stay in place.
Your patience is appreciated.

Anarchy in Gaza

Just some stories on how the Palestinians are capitalising on their new found freedom in Gaza: (from LGF)

Hamas makes music in Gaza celebration war.

Palestinians swim and loot on Gaza’s first day of freedom.

Palestinians set fire to shuls, yeshiva.

and yet, the MSM doesn't seem to care. Take this picture:

The BBC caption reads:

Militant organisations quickly climbed on some of the synagogue roofs and hoisted their flags, along with the Palestinian national flag.


"Palestinian national flag"?!?!? The black flag is that of the Islamic Jihad organisation, one of the most brutal terrorist groups in the world. And the detail of their flag?

Their claim to land doesn't stop at Gaza or the West Bank. These are people who want Israel destroyed. And so how symbolic then that Islamic Jihad stand aloft a huge star of David. This is the synagogue these thugs and killers defile their feet with:

Sh*ts f*cked up

Monday, September 12, 2005

Amm, what'll happen next?

The Islamic counceler of Blair asked him to satop the Holocaust Memorial day in Britain and turn it into a memorial day for the " slaughtered " so called freedom fighters in Palestine in order to appease redical Muslims.

What'll be the next move to appease them?
To exile all the British Jews?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Never Forget

"Freedom itself came under attack today"
- George W. Bush, September 11th, 2001

"We will not falter, we will not tire, and we will not fail"
- George W. Bush, September 20th, 2001

In Memory of all those who were murdered on September 11th, 2001, in New York City, at the Pentagon in Virginia, in Pennsylvania, and in the air above the greatest country on Earth.

We wil never forget.

May God Bless Them.

May God Bless America.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A lefty story

A lefty story

The news:

The first post-war bomb attack executed by West-German leftist terrorists targetted ... what ?

Well, let's guess: A pompous bank ? A poisoning factory, symbol of the evil side of capitalism ? A bourgeois CEO in his luxury Mercedes limo ? A lofty government building, arrogantly defying the will of the people thru its bombastic architecture ? Perhaps a corrupted politician ? Or a military installation, possibly one of the "occupying powers" of Great Britain, the USA or France ?

None of the above.

The first target of leftist post-war (WWII) terrorism was the Jewish Community Center of West-Berlin,
on November 9th, 1969 - cynically the 29th anniversary of the so-called Reichskristallnacht, in which Nazi mobs thruout Germany smashed Jewish homes, shops and synagogues in a violent rage called Volkszorn, which led to the deaths of dozens of Jews and foreshadowed what was about to follow with the Holocaust. Only sheer luck led to the failure of the Jewish community center's bombing, and the saving of numerous Jews' lives: The ignition mechanism of the bomb was too rusty to work ...

Behind the attack was the "communard" ( founding member of the legendary "Kommune 1," a communist housing project in West-Germany ) and "Tupamaro" Dieter Kunzelmann, as a new book by Wolfgang Kraushaar, "Die Bombe im Jüdischen Gemeindehaus" ( 'The bomb in the Jewish Community Center' - ), reveals.

The commentary:

That the 1960s ( 68ers, as they're called in Germany ) leftist movement did not only have an anti-capitalist and anti-American, but also an anti-Jewish agenda, has re-entered the common consciousness in the recent years. The leftists supported, and continue to support today - under the guise of a naive anti-imperialism - the "palestinians" and the PLO, whose expressed goal was - and unofficially remains today - the extinction of Israel. The left thus supported, and continues to support today, a second Holocaust. Communist ideologues like Ulrike Meinhof and Dieter Kunzelmann propagated that the Germans had to get over their "Judenknax" ( "Jew complex" ), that is to forget the Holocaust ( and consequently all possible lessons taught thru it ) and act as if it had never happened in reality ! Tale-tellingly, their former comrade Horst Mahler is a leading member of the German Neo-Nazi party NPD these days ...

The left should take Kraushaar's book as a stimulus for self-critique - before it's too late, again.

But maybe that is exactly what they want ...

( by Axel_Bavaria, inspired by an article of Alan Posener, found in the German 'sundaily' "Welt am Sonntag,"Nr. 27, page 13. ( July 3rd, 2005 ) )

Additional reading ( German ):

A little terror, a little anti-Semitism ( Deutschlandfunk (DLF) is a renowned German state-run radio network )

Shalom and Napalm ( 3sat is a renowned German state-run TV network )

Friday, September 09, 2005

Well, we've come to that

American Muslim honor student indicted in plot to kill Bush
Where did he learn that this might be a good idea? Has anyone investigated what he was taught in the Saudi academy he attended and from which he graduated with honors? If not, why not? Ahmed Omar Abu Ali Update. "N.Va. Man Indicted in Plot Against Bush: Torture Allegation Hangs Over Case," from the Washington Post, with thanks to Jeffrey Imm:
An American student was charged yesterday in an al Qaeda plot to kill President Bush, with prosecutors alleging that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali and his confederates planned to use multiple snipers to shoot Bush or to blow him up in a suicide bombing.
The expanded indictment of Abu Ali, returned by a federal grand jury in Alexandria, also claimed for the first time that he proposed a plan to bring members of an al Qaeda cell into the United States through Mexico. They would then link up with Abu Ali to conduct terrorist operations in this country, the indictment said.Abu Ali, 24, of Falls Church was first charged in February with terrorism counts that included trying to establish an al Qaeda cell in the United States. That indictment referred to the plot to kill Bush, but Abu Ali was not charged with conspiring to assassinate the president until yesterday. The case is among the highest-profile terrorism prosecutions in the United States since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
The new nine-count indictment also adds charges of conspiracy to commit aircraft piracy and destroy aircraft, part of the Justice Department's allegations that Abu Ali was plotting with al Qaeda to conduct a Sept. 11-style attack in the United States that would include hijacking planes.
If convicted on the assassination count alone, Abu Ali faces up to life in prison. Earlier, his maximum penalty on all counts had been 80 years in prison.
An attorney for Abu Ali, who has pleaded not guilty, did not return telephone calls late yesterday, and a White House spokesman referred calls to the Justice Department. Prosecutors would not comment beyond the indictment.
Abu Ali was arrested by security officials in June 2003 while studying at a university in Saudi Arabia. His family mounted a highly public campaign in the United States for his release. He was held until he was flown back to the United States in February to face charges.
Defense attorneys and Abu Ali's family have contended that any statements he made in Saudi custody were obtained through torture. Two doctors who examined Abu Ali found evidence that he was tortured in Saudi Arabia, including scars on his back consistent with having been whipped, defense lawyers have said in court papers.
Prosecutors have denied that Abu Ali was tortured. But if a federal judge concludes that he was, much of the evidence against him could be thrown out because it was obtained under duress. The torture allegations are expected to play a key role in a hearing scheduled to start Sept. 19.

Natan Sharansky on The John Batchelor Show

The John Batchelor Show featured an interview with former Israeli cabinet member and bestselling author Ntatan Sharansky in a 3 way discussion on the future of Gaza after disengagment, the Egyptian election and rights in Syria.

To listen, click here for the page of my website where I am hosting the .wma files.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A leftist Joke

I've seen an article in a website named Start, that's claiming all we already know about Iran.

However, one of the replies was " don't you see it'll help bring peace to this region "?

Hilarious. Unblieveable joke. Unbelieveable.

But, now, let's be serious. If this man thinks it's a path to peace, then all I can do is being pitty for his blindness and to pray he'll never be the negotiator with Iran.


A report published by Palestinian Media Watch revealed that after having signed a deal with the US for $50 million to help with housing and infrastructure, Palestinian Authority officials called to launch attacks against US soldiers and portrayed the US as “an enemy.”

PMW noted that in recent days PA religious officials in radio and television sermons described the US as “the most heretic” among countries and as an enemy who is trying to dismantle the Islamic world. One of the officials called to intensify terror acts against US soldiers in the presence of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The report mentioned texts of two sermons conducted on September 2. One was broadcast on PA television and in the presence of Abbas and Yusuf Jum’a Salameh, the PA minister of the Wakf and Religious Affairs: “We say to the dear, heroic Iraqi nation, turn this incident [the accidental death of 1,000 Iraqis] into an opportunity for resisting the [American] occupation, for uniting families, for unifying the forces and for opposition to the policy of dismantling Iraq and dividing it geographically.”

Guys, you're giving money to people who not only hate you but who you suspect of directly aiding your enemies? Wheres the logic there? Bring back Bush the cowboy, pleeeeeeeeeeease no more of this lefty think

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Let the "Palestinian" Civil War begin

What a friendly way of celebrating the first part of their own "state":

Israeli security forces reported Wednesday that Manhal Arafat, the son of General Moussa Arafat who was shot to death Tuesday night, was kidnapped and killed by his abductors.

The best part? No Israelis, Americans or other Westerners are affected. Keep the gates closed, and let them celebrate!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Iran update


TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran’s supreme leader hailed Palestinian militants for “expelling the Zionist regime from Gaza” and called for the “continuation and fortification of resistance and Jihad,” or holy struggle.

“The only way to confront the Zionist enemy is the continuation and fortification of resistance and Jihad,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted as saying Saturday in a meeting with the militant group Islamic Jihad’s secretary general Ramazan Abdullah.

“Although the retreat of the Zionist regime from Gaza is short of Palestinian rights and demands, it is however a big victory that shows the inability of the occupier regime of Qods (Jerusalem),” the ISNA news agency quoted Khamenei as saying. He added that “with the cooperation of Jihadi groups”, further “success is also possible in other parts of the occupied territories”.

LGF tells of how Iran's nuclear program seems to be steaming ahead, now they have "rejected the threat of EU Sanctions".

Don't say we didn't tell you so:


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Saturday, September 03, 2005

"Two very different societies"

Mentioning that an article posted at VDH's website is a must-read verges on a truism, but Gaza and Victory? is a very good reminder that these are indeed "two very different societies":

Both sides fight, but not for the same reasons. Israel fights to preserve its democracy; Hamas fights to establish theocracy. Israeli politicians seek public support by promising solutions and calm; Palestinian leaders do so by pledging struggle and martyrdom. Israelis are saddened when their army causes injury to innocent Palestinians and prosecute their soldiers who violate the law. Palestinians greet atrocities carried out in their honor with cheers, rationalization, and fireworks (or, as on 9/11, they hand out sweets). If Israelis march in the streets, they brandish placards; if Palestinians pour into the streets, expect automatic weapons.

He closes his piece as follows:

For disengagement cannot bring peace; the withdrawal is from the land, not the struggle. Nothing can bring Israel peace until Palestinian terrorism is routed. Victory precedes peace, and it is on victory that Israel must now concentrate.

Indeed it must. And all friends of Israel should thank him for this moral clarity and courage. Given that Joey Tartakovsky is the Assistant Editor of the outstanding and irreplaceable Claremont Review of Books, one would expect no less.

(Cross-posted at Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Islam, Alaqsa, the exile of the Jews, and the Jewish History in Islamic lands and Israel, a Historical lie

I won't say exactly what I think of Islam after reading the Quran out of politness. If you do want to know switch the word peace in the sentence " the religion of peace " to a word that's being written in other way but sounds the same. In Jerusalem there's the Alaqsa Mosque and the Dome Of Rock where the Temple used to stand.

However, it's " Holiness " to Islam might not be as we think it is. Jerusalem is sacred to Judaism and Christianity, that's we know for sure from the Bible and the New Tastement. However, the name Jerusalem doesn't appear even once in the Quran, not even a verse of the word Urshalim Al Quds which is Jerusalem in Arabic. There's only one word that appears there, Alaqsa.
And there's no proof that Alaqsa is Jerusalem. No proof. Alaqsa means ( and I quote from Wikipedia ):
" The farthest Mosque ".
Well, before Islam there was no Mosque in there. Therefore, it can't be Jerusalem. For those who aren't Blog members and will immidiately attack me for saying that, read until the end. When I regard Muhammad ( there's not even one proof that he ever existed ) , he says none of Jerusalem. None. Actually, the land of Israel isn't remembered even once, except the story of the spies that came spying in this land. Not the land and not Jerusalem are remembered at any significance, when it comes to Jerusalem she doesn't exist in the Quran at all.

But, now sceptics will come and say, " what about the Dome Of Rock and the Alaqsa Mosque? "
Actually, the answer is very simple and has a lot to do with the Jews. A short reminder, there were Two Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. Well, during the Byzantine rule over the land of Israel, there were 750000 Jews ( that most of the Jewish population lived at the Galilea and the Judean desert, a land that's populated with Arabs today ) who were most of the world's Jewish community out of 3000000 citizens. There were Christians who were little more than a Million, Samaritans who were approximately 250000, and Christian Arabs and others who were a million, and the Jews as I've said ( the facts are from the book Derech Eretz in the part " Is it really after 2000 years? " ).

Even though the Jews and the Samaritans suffered a lot from the Byzantines, they were still a part to be considered, but when it comes to the Samaritans, the Byzantines were not mercifull at all toward them and almost destroyed their religion.

But now, back to main topics. During the 7-8th Centuries the Arabs conquered this land and the region became Islamic very soon. In the Jewish recordings we can find that during those centuries of the Arabd conquest, the Jews became a poweless and small minority. Why did that happen?

Well, instead of what people claim, the Arab conquest was terribly violent, and Islamization and Arabization was forced on the conquered population. That's how the Babylonian nation, the Assyrian nation, the Egyptian, and all the rest ancient Nations who were in populated areas almost died ( except the Persians ).

The Jews also suffered from that. Umar the Conqueror of Jerusalem wanted more believers to Islam and the Jews were a nice target for that. That's why Alaqsa was built on the Temple Mount, in order to make the Jews become Muslims, like it's " their " Temple. However, this Political decision ( that led in the last five years to thousand of deads ) wasn't succesfull. The Jews didn't convert to Islam. And the method of " Islam or death " didn't work very good either.

So the Arabs decided to try another method. They gave the Jews and Christians allowance to live by their religion ( and not by what Islam claims that's all unbelievers should be killed ), however, they were forced to pay extremely high taxes for that. Most of the Jews who were farmers and burgoeise just fled to the Non Islamic countries and to Spain.

Remembering that's most of the Jewish population at that time lived in the East, and the majority of the Easterns was at Israel ( the rest were at Iraq Persia and North Africa ),
than our exile began there. 1300 years ago, not 2000 years ago.

Except Spain, the Jews's life in Islamic countries weren't better than they were under Christian rule, in Countries as Yemen even worse. In the Quran there are verses that indicate that the Muslim must make the Jew suffer because Allah punished the Jews forever.

The Jews enjoyed freedom only at the 200 years of the Technologic Advance in the Islamic lands, even in Spain, around the end of Moorish Spain the Jews became the allies of the Christians in the Reconquista because the Al Muahidoon didn't allow any non Muslim in Spain, and pretty much the same in the rest of the Islamic countries untill the arrival of the Ottomans.

They were less Anti Jewish than the rest of the Islamic Countries and they were those who fled from Christian Spain, and allowed them to come back to the land of Israel. Actually, before the Ottomans there were almost no Jews in the land, and most of the Jews today who's familly lived in Israel for many many generations are Spanish Jews at the heritage.

But, that generousity ended in the Ottoman Empire around the end of the 19th Century and lasted only in Marocco. The Jews were considered at World War I as traitors and they were expelled as much the same as the Assyrians and Armenians at the beginnings of their Genocide ( Armenians and Assyrians ), and it was the Jews's pure luck that there weren't many Jews at the land, else I don't want to think what would've happen.

An example:
As the Armenians helped the Russians, there were few Jews who've spied for the British ( Nyly - Netzach Yisreal Lo Yeshaker - The Eternity Of Yisroel won't end -who's center was at Zikhron Yaaqov ), were all executed ( one suicide ) with torture. But, what the Ottomans did later, they expelled all the Jews from the settelments that will grow to be Tel Aviv. All were expelled, all of them. All were sent to the north, and many of them died.

I just say thanks that there weren't many Jews at the Land of Israel at that time. Else, as I said, maybe Zionism would've been dying away.

Even in the British rule the Jews's position didn't get better. In Hebron, the Muslims simply slaughtered the Jewish population of Hebron, and caused by that to the Jews of Hebron to fled from their houses. Untill the creation of Israel the Arabs attacked the Jews, and the British in the good case didn't do anything. In the worst, they helped the Arabs.

That's history. All those who say that Jews were having a good life under Islamic rule just don't know Jewish History.

That's a historic lie. Alaqsa, the Jewish life under Islsm. All of it. Spread it please.

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