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The Prophet of Doom - Allah's nature is revealed

A nice article, out of:
I has to say it explains many things, who're unclear or too Politically Correct.
( Just before you read, I'm not a Christian, I'm a Jew [ Observant Secular ], and even though I don't believe in Jesus, I find it pretty much correct [ nevertheless I won't turn Christian ] )

Is Allah Satan’s Name?
(… and why should we care?)

With each new day the world is victimized anew by vicious acts perpetrated by those crediting Islam for their demented behavior. So it begs the question: is Allah Satan?
In this paper, I’ll present the case—a smattering of the evidence—and let you decide. I do not care if you come to the conclusion that Allah is Satan, that Allah is Muhammad, or that neither Allah nor Satan exist, but that the character attributed to Allah was modeled after Satan. While these are all harsh verdicts, I do not believe the evidence—Biblical, Qur’anic, historic, and contemporary—allows any other rational conclusion.
Today, Muslims routinely contradict the Qur’an and say that Allah is the Arabic word for God. Yet if they were rational, they would recognize that this practice is intellectual suicide. Throughout the Qur’an, a book all Muslims believe was dictated to Muhammad by Gabriel on behalf of Allah, it says that “Ilah” is the Arabic word for “God” and that Allah is the Ilah’s name. So if Allah, not Ilah, is the word for God, Allah cannot be God, and the Qur’an cannot be inspired by God, because he and it claims otherwise.
Muslims are in a lose-lose scenario which is why they make such ludicrous claims. Speaking on behalf of a spirit he called Allah, Muhammad claimed that his spirit was the God of Adam, Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, and Isa—a character Muslims claim is “Jesus.” Muhammad routinely alleges that Allah inspired the Torah, Psalms, and Gospel as well as the Qur’an—another logical impossibility. The Spirit who inspired those books has a name too—Yahweh. He uses it 6868 times. Allah isn’t used once. And the books are opposites, in opposition to each other on every page and in every way.
Trying desperately to make the irrational seem plausible, Muslims contend that “allah” is a contraction of “al,” the word for “the,” and “ilah,” the word for god. Dispense with the “i” and bring them together, add capitalization, ignore the Qur’an, and add a big dose of hocus pocus and you get “Allah,” meaning “The God.” If that’s true, why doesn’t “The God” have a name? Don’t all gods have names—even false ones?
Interestingly, Allah isn’t even the first name assigned to the god of Islam. In the first twenty surahs “revealed,” Muhammad’s Qur’anic spirit was a nameless “Lord.” And that’s fascinating on many levels. First, Lord, is the name and title of Baal, the most famous of the Biblical Satanic sun gods. Second, since much of the Qur’an was plagiarized from the Rabbinical Talmud, and since the Qur’an complains incessantly that the Yahudim of Yathrib sold their “scripture” to Muhammad for too high a price, the use of “Lord” is telling. One thousand two hundred years earlier, following captivity in the Satanic depravity of Babylon, the Yahudi had stopped saying Yahweh’s name—saying instead “Lord.” Muhammad would have thought that the God of the Torah and Psalms name was “Lord,” so that’s what he called his god.
But since all gods have names, Muhammad was pressed by the Allah worshiping pagans in his home town of Mecca to tell them his god’s name. So, in the next block of surahs, the dark spirit of the Qur’an is called Ar-Rahman. This idol, whose name was derived from the Persian Devil, was a moon god in Yemen. His name was selected for several reasons, the most important of which is that before Muhammad plagiarized the Jews he pilfered the poetry of the Hanifs—a monotheistic religion that was derived from a Jewish dictator in Yemen just prior to Muhammad’s birth.
But the Qur’anic god’s name changes from Ar-Rahman to Allah in the most peculiar place—the Satanic Verses. The surah immediately preceding Muhammad’s most telling affair was named in Ar-Rahman’s honor and calls him “god.” But as a result of the Meccans offering Muhammad sex, power, and money to change to their gods—Allah being the most important of them—the Qur’an starts referring to its dark spirit by a new name. At the time of the Satanic Verses that mark this transition, the Islamic Hadith states that Muhammad revealed a Qur’an surah that was inspired by Satan. Then on behalf of Allah, Muhammad recites another Qur’anic verse saying that all of Allah’s messengers spoke on behalf of Satan. The whole sordid affair, in all of its glory and detail, is presented in the “
Satanic Bargain” chapter (13) of Prophet of Doom.
So with that background, let’s examine the Qur’an’s claim that an Ilah named Allah inspired the Torah and Gospel. When we do so we are immediately confronted by the fact that Allah’s name isn’t mentioned in the Scriptures and that Yahweh’s name is repeated 6868 times. And while that should be the end of the Islamic claim and thus of Islam, that is not the end of the story.
There is a Hebrew word used in Yahweh’s Scripture that is similar to Ilah and Allah. That word is tahillah. It is derived from halal. Tahillah means laudation or praise. When directed at a worthy object it is an admirable thing. When sought out and self proclaimed it lies at the heart of what caused Satan—a word which means “adversary”—to rebel. In the West we know the Devil by the Latin word for light—Lucifer. But the book which introduced this dark spirit to mankind, uses a different name—Heylel. It is derived from halal. (The paleo-Hebrew of Isaiah’s time, the man who first used the name, did not include vowels, and from what we can tell, the “e” and “a” sounds were interchangeable. What scholars transliterate as “Heylel” could just as easily have been, and probably was, “Haylal.”)
The Hebrew “halal” (pronounced, haw-lal’) is like many words in that it has a dual nature—reflecting both good and bad characteristics. It means, “to be clear.” Originally this clarity pertained to sound, or words but it migrated to color, or light. Thus it came to mean “shine.” Isaiah had this meaning in mind when he said that Heylel was the Morning Star, better known as the sun—the principle deity in most cultures throughout history. It is why we know Satan as Lucifer, or light.
There is more to the Hebrew word halal. It means to make a show, to boast, to be clamorous and foolish. Allah’s biggest boast is “Allahu Akbar;” it’s the Islamic Prayer of Fear—the line jihadists shout before each terrorist assault. It means, “Allah is Greatest.” Halal also means to rave and celebrate in rage. This too is haunting in that Muslims are the only people to celebrate murder and mutilation.
At this point, halal’s definition turns considerably more sinister. Contemplate these meanings in the context of the Deceiver: to stultify, deaden, cloud, to blur, reduce and muffle, to assuage, alleviate and diminish. Halal means to feign or falsify one’s self, to be a counterfeit. It means to pretend, to be a fake, a fraud, to make believe and pretend. And this is precisely what Paul said Heylel would do—disguising himself as an angel of light to mislead a false messenger. Halal is also synonymous with Heylel’s title, the Adversary, in that it means to be mad against someone or something.
There is a second Hebrew word, while not a name, is also telling. It is “alah.” It means to “be high,” which is innocuous enough until you look closer. The word also means “dawn” or to “break the day.” In other words the “Morning Star”—Heylel. Interestingly, alah means to burn—a pastime in which Allah is both fixated and expert. In a relatively short book, Allah speaks of the fires or hell, pain, punishment and demons 1,000 times in the Qur’an. It is the most oft repeated rant—one in which Allah is shown asking to be left alone with the inmates of hell so that he can personally inflict the torment of burning.
Alah also means “to depart”—something Satan was forced to do, and “exalt, lifting one’s self up,” the reason why Heylel was cast out of heaven. In keeping with the halal theme, alah means light. But it’s the final meanings that are the most telling. Alah means “to levy, as in tax,” the Qur’an’s third most repeated theme, and “to make pay,” something Allah has seduced all Muslims into doing both temporally and eternally. It means “to prefer, and to stir up.” That is the essence of Satan, thus of Allah, Muhammad, and Islam. They are preferred over Yahweh and His Scriptures (Allahu Akbar) and they promote their deceptive, destructive, and demented cult by stirring up trouble. Muhammad was a terrorist; jihad is his legacy.
With these definitions in mind, let’s turn to the book that introduced the world to this demonic spirit. The name Heylel, or Lucifer, is only mentioned once in the entire Bible. In the midst of his prophecy on World War III—the all Islamic war to be launched against Israel in the last days—Isaiah says this about Islam and its dark spirit: “The rule of the oppressor [nagras: one who uses tyranny to harass, tax, and oppress, i.e., Islam] will come to an end. Those who smote [nakah: to strike, exile, murder, punish, or slaughter] the Jews in rage and anger with unceasing blows [Muslims], and in fury subdued [terrorized] the nations with relentless aggression, will be prosecuted. Hell itself will be moved. The pompous gloating leaders, arrogantly swelling with pride and boastful speech will be brought from their graves like maggots spread out. How you have fallen, cast out of heaven, O Heylel/Lucifer, the one with the brightness of the morning star.
You have been cast down to the earth and diminished. You used prostration to weaken the Gentile nations. You boasted ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will exalt my throne above God. I will abide in the meeting place on the most sacred Mount [Moriah—home of Lucifer’s most flamboyant shrine: the Dome of the Rock]. You said, ‘I will make myself like the Most High.’ But you are brought down to the grave, to the depths of the pit…. The offspring of the wicked will not rise up to inherit the land [Israel] or rule over the earth.” (Isaiah 14 amplified from the original Hebrew.)
The prophet Isaiah connected many of the dots for us. He reveals that Heylel was a fallen angel and that pride led to his ruin. He is destructive, leading men to their doom. And he wants to be worshiped in place of Yahweh. Further, he connects Lucifer to Islam by saying that he is the inspiration of those who oppress the Jews and covet their land. The fact he uses “prostration” to weaken the Gentile nations is quite a clue.
“Satan” is Heylel’s title. It means “The Adversary.” John, in Revelation, writes: “I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. He laid hold of the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, or Satan. He bound him for a thousand years. He shut him up so that he could no longer deceive the nations.” (Revelation 20) Satan is a derogatory title for Heylel—a spirit who deceives and leads men astray. Heylel, of course, detests “The Adversary” title, as he wants to be God, not God’s opponent. Adverse means unfavorable, unpleasant, poor, or undesirable. It’s not the kind of image a spirit who wants to be worshiped would be fond of having hung around his neck.
Understanding Heylel/Lucifer and his disdain for the Adversary, or Satanic title, is central to understanding the spirit that underlies Islam, the spirit that enticed and inspired Muhammad to such egregious behavior. Paul, speaking to the Corinthians of the false doctrine and prophet to come said: “I am concerned that just as Eve was deceived and beguiled by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may someday be corrupted. For if someone comes and preaches another Yahshua who is different, if you receive another spirit, or hear a different Gospel, you may be susceptible. I may not possess eloquent speech or be an Apostle who requires your obedience, but I know what is true and have manifest it to you…. The truth of Christ is in me. And I will continue doing this in order to cut the ground from under those who would seize the opportunity to boast about. For such men are false prophets, deceitful teachers, masquerading as messengers of God. And no wonder, for Satan transfigures and disguises himself into an angel of light [i.e., Heylel pretends to be Gabriel].” (2 Corinthians 11 amplified from the original Greek.)
Paul is saying that Heylel will transform himself into the image of an angel and deceive men using a false prophet. The messenger will be boastful, yet speak eloquently; he will be deceitful, yet require obedience. He will come with a new Gospel. He is speaking of Muhammad and his Qur’an.
By putting these things together we discover that Heylel, as presented in the Bible, is a perfect match for Allah, the demented and deceitful spirit of the Qur’an. And we know that Heylel hates the Satanic title, preferring his real name “Allah.” So now, the only pieces of the puzzle that remain are why the Adversary chose to disguise himself as Gabriel and why he chose Muhammad to be his prophet.
The Hebrew word for “angel” means “messenger.” And the angel named Gabriel was only called to deliver three messages. The first is to Daniel. He told the prophet the exact day the Messiah would enter Jerusalem, five hundred years in advance of the occasion. He spoke of the destruction of the Temple, which followed Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. Then Gabriel told Daniel that Satan would cause great devastation that he would defile Mount Moriah in the last days. The second and then final time we hear from Gabriel is in the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke. Gabriel relays a message heralding the birth of John the Baptist—the one who announced the Messiah’s arrival. And he told Mary she would give birth to Yahshua, the Son of Yahweh. In other words, Gabriel had only one job: announce the arrival of the Messiah. Lucifer chose to impersonate him because his Muhammad was the counterfeit Messiah. So now we know who the players are and why they are acting so devilishly

Friday, January 27, 2006

61 Years, and the World learnt nothing

When Jews talk of the Holocaust, we say, Vehaolam Shatak ( and the world was silent ).
As we say, NEVER AGAIN, I think, that we're going there.
Another Hitler rises. His name is - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hitler behaved as a tyrant, with an ideology, that caused some of the worst atrocities and horror ever to be made in Human history.
And now, a new Hitler, מחמוד אחמדינג'אד ( Ahmadinejad ), rises, and produces Nuclear Weapon, while denying the Holocaust, calling for the destruction of Israel ( i.e. Kill all the Jews ), supports AlQaeda ( as OBL says, Jews are descendants of Pigs and Apes ), the most popular book in the PA is Meine Kampf, and I don't think I should go further ( for more comments of Satan's prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah מוחמד איבן עבדאללה, get into this site: ).
Vehaolam Shatak. Vehaolam Mamashich Lishtok ( and the World stays still ).
This Racist-under-cover-of-religion makes Genocidal claims against us, and by possesing a Nuke, he'll have much strength against India, Russia, and China ( Ugar region ), not mentioning Europe.
Israel is - Czechoslovakia. " Give lands for peace " ( West Bank - Sudetland, the rest is known ).
So, who's Poland?
Who's Britain?
Who's France ( I bet it's the same country )?
Who's Chamberlain?
Europe. Who's Churchill?
George W. Bush.
What will be of Israel?
I think the time has come for Israel to reveal her arsanel, in order to show to the Islamonazis what they'll receive if they'll dare to attack.
I've already figured out who's Stalin - Vladimir Putin.
More than 60 years, and we learnt nothing.
We stayed the same " tolerant ", " modern " etc West.
Never again?
Yeah right.
I wonder when Hitler will be praised at the streets for killing Jews.

Where are the Modern Persian when they're needed?

Find The Differences:

Yerushalayim shel zahav

Today, 61 years after the liberation of the deepest abyss mankind has ever fallen into, let us celebrate the existence, the security and the beauty of the one and only institution fully and unequivocally dedicated to avoiding its repeat - the State of Israel, with its capital Jerusalem - the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Victory for Terror

According to preliminary results, Hamas won 76 seats to 43 for the ruling Fatah party, giving them a majority in the 132-seat chamber. The turnout was 77%.

So reports the BBC. Hamas, the group which refuses to recognise Israel, and has not given up terrorism, will now take seats in a democratic parliament. Its hard to imagine how things could be worse.

Israel and the US have made it perfectly clear they will not negotiate with Hamas, and they have good reason not to. So what then happens to the peace process? In fact, was "peace process" even in the mind of Palestinians who voted common thugs to represent them?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The End of the Western Civillization

The West, as we know it, is starting to die. However, the seeds are at the aftermath of WWII.
After this war, the Western People decided to be " more tolerant " in order to cut off the chance of other mass murders as there were in WWII.
Of course, the 1st targets were Nationalism, and Religion.
Religion is today no more than pure nonesense to many " Liberal Westerns ", and being a nationalist is a nickname for racist ( see Jeans Mary La Pan in France, and by those standards, I'm a proud racist ).
Israel, who's essence is Natinalist ( state for the Jews ) is pretty much hated by the West for her intolerance ( see fighting against terrorism ), and hated by the Muslims.
Many Muslims migrate to Europe, where there are already countries who are accepting Muslims to their territory without problems, as FRANCE.
But, the problem is that Muslims HATE Western values, and they want Islamic laws. Actually, the west is so tolerant with them, that it also permitts to attack the freedom of speech in order " not to insult them ". Last time I check, on Israel it's ok to make such cartoons ( at the Islamic world it's worst ), not mentioning Jesus.
It's just a matter of time until the Muslims will be a majority in Europe, but then, it'd be too late...
The West will start his death. The western Civillization will be wiped of the Earth because of her " tolerance " ( Wow, Leftists help Muslims attack Jews at Universities for supporting Israel, unbelievable freedom of speech and tolerance for other minorities and opinions ).
The choice is in the hands of the West. It can choose slow and hard death, or it can choose to take a cure, which means to cut the immigration.
Westerners, it's up to you to decide...

Friday, January 20, 2006

A Day that will live in Infamy

Never Forget. Never.

On January 20th, 1942 fifteen high-ranking civil servants and SS-officers met in this house to discuss plans of "The Final Solution" of the Jewish question in Europe, the decision to deport the Jews of Europe to the East and murder them.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Saudi Arabia, Terror, and why we can't attack them as they deserve

It's widely known, that the Saudy Royalty supports Terror ( aka AlQaeda ).
Actually, the Royalty, had helped Hitler's Mufty during WWII.
Today, as far as their Jew Hatred ( No Jew allowed in there ), they are supporters of Terror.
Some Leftists, had talked that GW Bush should've invaded Saudi Arabia which supports Terrorism, instaed of Iraq.
Have you gone mad?
Shall I remind you which two places exist at Saudi Arabia?
Mecca and Medina?
And in case of invasion to Saudi Arabia, Islamicists will fortify at........ Mecca and Medina, which Non Muslims are forbidden to enter.
Therefore, you has to attack Mecca and Medina, and I'm pretty much sure everyone know what it'll cause.
But, the US forces are at Iraq. That signifies to the Saudis that they better be carefull.
So, Leftists, do you really prfare an invasion who'll lead to a Gigantic clash, or just Iraq?
I'd love to here the answer, if there's.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Arik's Legacy

The Weekly Standard, one of Israel's best friends in the world, has a wonderful piece by Peter Berkowitz on Ariel Sharon's Legacy.

And a beautiful piece it is, as showcased in its closing paragraph:

Sharon is the last of the 48ers--think of Yitzhak Rabin, Ezer Weizman, Moshe Dayan--to occupy the commanding heights of Israeli politics. He belonged to the generation that was born and bred in Israel, that came of age loving the land and fighting in the War of Independence, that was proud of the Zionist dream, that fought hard and lived large, and that, after heroic military careers, governed the nation well into its sixth decade. The 48ers were not always the best of democrats, especially Sharon. And yet time after time, they, and Sharon in particular, rose up to defend their small, surrounded, war-torn, beautiful country, making it possible for Jews to build a free and democratic state in their ancestral homeland.

Friday, January 06, 2006

General Ariel Sharon, the Epitome of Israel

While it may be disrespectful to write obituaries for a living person, I believe that given the certainty that Ariel Sharon will never return to the Israeli political scene, a look back on his career and his public life might be apposite.

Needless to say, only the greatest writers will do. Let us begin with Michael B. Oren, Author of the definitive account of Israel's Greatest War, distinguished fellow of the Shalem Center, Colonel in the Reserve Forces of the World's Best Army, and regular contributor to the World's Greatest Magazine.

Oren has a beautiful piece in today's Wall Street Journal that will not, I think, leave anybody untouched. The closing sentence is a quote for the ages:

Now, with his withdrawal from the political scene, Israel stands to enter a new phase in its national existence. Less divided, perhaps, and more certain of the borders it wants and the type of society it aspires to create; separated from the Palestinians but open to compromise with them; preserving productive relations with the international community and an unshakeable alliance with the United States. That is the Israel that Ariel Sharon has left us, a formidable legacy for facing the future.

Another very good comment, by the equally excellent Charles Krauthammer puts the scale of Sharon's achievement in perspective:

The success of this fence-plus-unilateral-withdrawal strategy is easily seen in the collapse of the intifada. Palestinian terror attacks are down 90 percent. Israel's economy has revived. In 2005 it grew at the fastest rate in the entire West. Tourists are back and the country has regained its confidence. The Sharon idea of a smaller but secure and demographically Jewish Israel garnered broad public support, marginalized the old parties of the left and right, and was on the verge of electoral success that would establish a new political center to carry on this strategy.

Next up, at the World's most influential Journal of Opinion, ever, Saul Singer writes, on the subject Ehud Olmert - who may still surprise us, but who, at this point in time, looks like Harry Truman on the morning of April 12th, 1945:

Olmert is a talented politician, and may be able to convey the right combination of strength and humility that the situation demands. It is hard to imagine, however, his attaining the gravitas Sharon achieved in his six decades of service, spanning the life of the state, and culminating in decisions that changed history.

As for my comment of yesterday, in which I called Ariel Sharon the world's greatest living general - with all due respect, that subject matter is non-negotiable, and I will not consider any e-mails making the case that Colin Powell, Pervez Musharraf or, G-d forbid, Wesley Clark should be considered.

In any case, the great Nelson Ascher makes a better case than I ever could.

Furthermore, I do not believe that anybody else could claim to be the greatest living Israeli, either. Not even Benyamin Netanyahu. Yet.

After Sharon - the future of Israel

After Sharon will die, Israel will change forever.
Kadima, his party will not hold for long. It was a one man Party. Even if it'll last for few election, it'll fall.
Our new Stalin ( Amir Perez, the big brother as I call him, the Mega Socialist peacenik ), will seize power, and if he will get elected, the Israeli Economy will crash at the best case, and at the worst, his multicultural policy will lead to Israel's death.
The Likud, the basic Israeli Right was weakend thanks to Benjamin Netanyahu, and unless all the Rightists will unite, there's no future for it.
Today, Ariel Sharon is the only one who can be good as a PM, who's strong enough and stabile enough.
Ehud Olmert, his succesor, is a very bright person, but, he's a Lawyer, not a retired General, so he doesn't have the abillity to lead a Security Policy who'll be good unless he gives the IDF Generals many authorities, and they can make him their puppet. And I don't need to explain further were will that's lead.
Dictatorship is against Judaism. The Jewish King is subjugated to the same laws as everyone. A Dictator isn't. That's against the idea of a Jewish state with Jewish Moral elements.
Now, to the International Zone. The Persian President, if to be gentle, is quite irrational.
The only thing that frightends him is Sharon, who can always invent a good strategy both for attack or defense which is so creative and unbelievable, so it'll be very very hard to defeat him.
As far as I know, Ariel Sharon was never defeated, and if he was, the ratio between is huge.
But, if he's gone, the new one, which probably not going to be General, wouldn't know how to react to Iran, and Ahmedinejad, if he's smart enough, will know how to use it against him ( the Persian President declared it's a miracle ).
That's going to be a hot year over here.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Praying for Ariel Sharon

We have all had our disagreements with Ariel Sharon, especially over the past few years and months, but at this dire hour, we pray for him, and we hope that the world's greatest living general, the greatest living Israeli, and one of the most courageous and daring human beings ever to grace the face of the planet will survive, and recover.

Don't leave us, Arik.

The truth behind " The Religion Of Peace ", and Why I'm a Jewish Rightist, that's rejects Multiculturalism

When I watch my Junior High History Book, I keep finding lies, missing details, contradictions, and if to summerize that, Politicly Correct form of truth, or in one word - BIG BIG LIE.
When I was in the 7th Grade, we were taught about the " Prophet " Muhammad ( PBUH, and not that meaning ), how " peacefully " the Ancient Arabs converted to Islam ( which was by the way, extremely bloody, when Muhammad systematically killed those who opposed him, while using torture, slavery, etc, ), not mentionind what Pedophile, Evill, Israel Hater ( Israel - as a nation - Jews, Antisemite can't be said here ), Terrorist, Bloodthirsty, Sadist, etc he was. That's won't be written. And another nice details of the Islamic conquests, how peacefully people converted to Islam. Just to remind what's not written in the Book, that it was ISLAM OR DEATH method. And of course, Jerusalem's holiness to Islam, blah blah blah.
Jerusalem isn't mentioned in the Quran even once. The only reason that the AlAqsa Exits is because of a rebellion in Mecca ( which by the way, after Muhammad's death returned to Paganism as the rest of the Arab tribes in Hejaz, and were resubjugated ).
The Muslims stormed all through the Middle East, forcing sanctions upon and killing those who refuse to move to Islam. That's not there, it's not written there.
What's written is that " The Muslims were the most modern Empire and most tolerant culture over there ". Amm, most of the Scientists and the people who helped Moderation were Christian or Jews basiclly so, why is there a need to wonder......?
Now, to the 20th Century, what's I'm learning right now, at the 9th Grade.
If you make an exception how in WWI the Turks made Genocide upon the Armenians and Assyrian, and also tried doing it on the Jews in her territory ( very few, thank God ), what about things more Historiclly Correct, as the birth of the Palestinian Nation, who are immigrants from all over the Islamic World as a counter to Zionism?
And of course, there's no such a thing Fundamentalism, except in the Soviet Invasion to Afghanistan, and the Revoloution in Iran.
All the Nazi inspired ( by Hitler's Mufty, Haj Amin Al Husseiny, who's Yasser Arafat's uncle by the way ) pogroms against the Jews in the Middle East were counted as " Arab Nationalism ", even though it was named, JIHAD. Amm, interesting, I never knew Islam is based on Nationality as Judaism.....
And, there's something which contradicts itself. National Islamic feelings, in How Iraq felt about the Jews in her territory. Wow, Islam is also very socialist in his way, so may I say, National Socialist?
And, it's interesting, that nothing is being said on the Japanese army beheading prisoners while it writes that the Japanese where so bad, so they forced Muslims to pray toward Tokyo and not Mecca. I mean, what's going on here?
And of course, the wars against Israel were Nationalist, yeah right, it was JUST A COINCIDENCE that when Jordan ruled Jerusalem she allowed teaching Christianity only if it comes with teaching the Islam. Yeah, very Nationalist.
And then you wonder why people don't oppose terror. " Those are their legitimate rights ", " all nations desreve a state ( that's weird, last time I checked, the Arabs had MANY ) ", etc.
And just a question, the Jews don't desreve a state?
All those who say it, are no more than Anti Jewish and Racist.
And what about Jerusalem?
The Jews shouldn't accomplish their National right, and have Jerusalem which they prayed for since 70 CE? ( in terms of ruling )
That's why I'm a rightist. Because I think that by the method that all Nations deserve National Rights, so does the Jews. That's why I reject strongly to any Palestinian State. First of all, the Palestinian state is Jordan.
Second of all, the Palestinians are Arabs. And as far as I understand when I look at the Map, the Arabs have many states.....
However, some anti Israeli people throught the World, suggest a Multicultiral State instead of Israel.
If you put the racism aside ( those who say it know exactly it would lead to the end of the Jewish state ), it can't work.
It was tried with Kids, in Wadi Ara, a place where there are Jewish and Arab villages.
A Documentary show was made on it, Gesher Al HaVadi, Jiser Ala AlWadi, Bridge upon the valley.
It was very nice, untill it came to nationall holidays. How can a Jew celebrate Islamic holiday while Muhammad preached for hating Jews, and how can a Muslim Celebrate the Jerusalem Day, the day which Israel conquered Jerusalem?
But that's nothing. The problems are at Israel's Independence day. For the Israeli Muslims ( many Christians and Druze preffer to live at Israel ), it the Naqba Day, which 750000 Muslims fled Israel ( and good that's so, otherwise Israel couldn't exist ) fled Israel.
To a Jew, it's a celebration. We're finally BACK at our Homeland, ZION THE ETERNAL.
For a Muslim - a disaster that the Jews rule a land that's supposed to be Islamic by the Islamic Law.
At least the Jewish teacher was honest about it when she taught it. She said, there was a War, and we won. And War, as life, ARE NOT FAIR.
The Arab teacher, on the other hand, taught the students how " The Zionist Forces " conquered a land, and how unhumane we treated the people.
Well, we did bannished some Arabs, but not the Majority. The Arab Countries, sure for
their victory, called all the Arabs to leave, that it'd make it easier for them.
Well, they succeeded beyond their expectations, but, they lost the war.
And, now, back on topic.
The Arab teacher, made a girl, who was 9 years old, to feel sorry. Why?
Because she won. It's like American who'll feel sorry for Japan, because he attacked her in order to protect others. Hypocrites.
And that's why I reject to Multiculturalism in Israel. It can't be done. The Jews in this system will loose their legacy, as well as the Arabs.
The only way to succeed in doing this, is to take off all Politics and Holidays from the list, which will never happen. Therefore, Israeli Multiculturalism is failure. And that's why I'm rightist. Because I want to preserve my Nation's rights.
Zion VeAm Yisrael Lanetzach Bebirato Yerushalayim
( Zion and the Nation of Israel Forever in their capital Jerusalem )

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Domestic Violence in the Arab world

22% of married Israeli Arab women have experienced some form of physical violence. But only four out of every 1,000 battered Israeli Arab women report their abuse to the police.

"I ran to the bathroom and locked the door," said Aisha "And I remembered that my cell phone was in my pocket. I called my mother and told her to come quickly and call the police. I told her he was going to kill me."

From the Jerusalem Post, well worth a read.