Monday, May 29, 2006

Not again!

For some reason that totally, absolutely defies belief, Israel wants to surrender yet again to a bunch of Jew-murdering, gay-stoning and West-hating Arabs. All in the name of "peace", of course.

Will we be able to stop this? There is hope, as this time, as opposed to the battle over Gaza - the loss of which hurts nowhere near as much as the realization that all one's worst assumptions and expectations have materialized - the Wall Street Journal, that beacon of the enlightenment, is on our side.

Consider today's must-read piece by the great R. James Woolsey, a neoconservative's neoconservative and a thinker's thinker:

The approach Israel is preparing to take in the West Bank was tried in Gaza and has failed utterly. The Israeli withdrawal of last year has produced the worst set of results imaginable: a heavy presence by al Qaeda, Hezbollah and even some Iranian Revolutionary Guard units; street fighting between Hamas and Fatah, and now Hamas assassination attempts against Fatah's intelligence chief and Jordan's ambassador; rocket and mortar attacks against nearby towns inside Israel; and a perceived vindication for Hamas, which took credit for the withdrawal. This latter almost certainly contributed substantially to Hamas's victory in the Palestinian elections.

But even if Israel were hell-bent on national suicide, there would still be reasons to be object, for this is about more than "just" Israel - the future of the "least worst Arab state", Jordan, is at play as well:

Israel is not the only pro-Western country that would be threatened. How does moderate Jordan, with its Palestinian majority, survive if bordered by a West Bank terrorist state? Israeli concessions will also make the U.S. look weak, because it will be inferred that we have urged them, and will suggest that we are reverting to earlier behavior patterns--fleeing Lebanon in 1983, acquiescing in Saddam's destruction of the Kurdish and Shiite rebels in 1991, fleeing Somalia in 1993, etc.

And we are, lest we forget, not dealing with rational, tit-for-tat Western minds, but rather with a medieval death cult that interprets every bit of compromise as weakness, not to be rewarded:

Israeli concessions indeed enhance Palestinian hope, but not of a reasonable two-state solution--rather a hope that they will actually be able to destroy Israel.

A hope that, sadly, they can still get away with. As for the true road to true peace:

A two-state solution can become a reality when the Palestinians are held to the same standards as Israelis--to the requirement that Jewish settlers in a West Bank-Gaza Palestinian state would be treated with the same decency that Israel treats its Arab citizens. Until then, three failures in 13 years should permit us to evaluate the wisdom of further concessions.

Indeed. And then, as ever, let us remember the words of the great Golda Meir:

There will be peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.

Don't hold your breath...