Monday, November 21, 2005

Sharon to quit Likud?

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is set to quit his ruling Likud party and run separately in next year's elections, Israeli army radio reports.

Mr Sharon reportedly made the decision to leave the party he helped to found in 1973 after lengthy talks with aides.

Earlier, the moderate Labour party under new leader Amir Peretz voted to leave Mr Sharon's coalition.

The BBC's James Reynolds (thank god we have James to tell us these things) says there has been no word from Mr Sharon, but it is significant there has been no denial.


I don't know what my co-bloggers will think of this, but personally I say good luck to Sharon. Even though the polls appear to show he is popular and could win with his own party, a decision like this sure takes balls. Assuming this would clear the way for Netanyahu as Likud party head, this could make a very interesting and exiting time in Israeli politics.


At 12:05 PM, Blogger Eran said...

Actually, it's very bad. He breaks the Right Wing, and the Idiot Leftist Populist Amir Peretz may win. Like we need that over here.

At 1:51 AM, Blogger Ben said...

The thing is he's not getting support from his party, they are not willing to follow him so he's going to form a group that he knows will support him! Also just starting a new party isn't all that easy really, a whole new grass routes system will have to be put in place, something that doesn't happen quickly


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