Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Eh up - whats this?


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warned on Tuesday for the
first time that Palestinian fire during disengagement could topple the entire

“There will be no pullout under fire because there will be no fire. The disengagement will be implemented, and if there is fire, as thousands of trucks, families, babies and children are out there, we will respond with great force. The force will be so great that it could topple the
entire process,” Sharon said.


eh up

As I would bet anything that the various terror gangs who dominate Palestinian society will be unable to restrain themselves - this could mean that terrorism during disengagment could be allowed to topple Sharon's own plan.

Now, i'm not into conspiracy theories generally, but maybe this was the plan all along? Israel makes a unilateral withdrawal, Palestinians committ violence, Israel halts the disengagment process and says "you can fook off if you think we're doing that again" - forever citing this violence as a need to democratise Palestinian society and as a justification to any silly liberal that doesn't already think this whole conflict is the fault of the Palestinian terrorists. Like I said, just a conspiracy theory.

But anyways, interesting. It does at least seem that Sharon the warrior may still be here, even if no one can understand the logic of Disengagment


At 8:37 AM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

A pretty far-fetched theory ... the stakes are way too high. To let the "palestinian" terrorists decide over Israel's fate would be sheer, suicidal madness.

By the way, all terror gangs have already said that they would "restrain themselves" until after the deportation is done - the infamous cease-fire where fire never ceases ( - and that is just one example out of the many since the declaration of said cease-fire ).

Last but not least I doubt that it would have any impact on the way Israel is portrayed in the M$M, and treated in international politics. I mean, those who haven't understood yet that democratization along with education is the way to go, those who are not yet appalled by the "palestinian" atrocities, thier thousand-fold murder of Jews in terror attacks, those people will never be "convinced" ... they'll always find fault with Israel, and none with the "palestinian" terrorists.

At 6:16 PM, Blogger Eran said...


With those partners?

Yeah right, I love to hear all those who claim that we should be peacefull.


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