Friday, June 24, 2005

Oderint dum metuant

For all those who thought or, more to the point, feared that Israel had lost her resolve and had returned to the post-1993 fantasy land - and I know we all hoped that the election of Gen. Sharon would mark a return to reality, only to see our worst nightmares come true - here is a small but much-needed piece of good news:

Jihad chiefs avoid rally after Israel death threat

I hate to be mean, but isn't this it a sign that even the most deluded so-called pacifist should understand? Or how would they explain their "Palestinian" friends' behavior :

"The enemy is flying dozens of drones in our skies. Certainly we must be more careful. God has ordered us to take care against the plans of the Zionist enemy."

That's a start (though why any Arab terrorist should be able to speak to the press is beyond me - AH-64D, anyone?).

Now if someone would please mention those 500 bunker busters and the Mad Mullahs in one sentence...


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