Friday, June 10, 2005

25 Ways to Help Israel

Speak Out and Influence the Media by Writing Opinion Letters
Buy Israel
Serve in the Israeli Intelligence Services
Help Israel on Behalf of the Christian Zionist Community
Volunteer for the Israel Defense Forces as a Non-Combat Volunteer (for people ages 18 to 80 -- Yes 80!)
Serve in the Israel Defense Forces as a Combat Soldier (ages 18 to 23)
Pray and Learn for the Nation of Israel
Fight for Israel on College Campuses
Study in Israel and Earn College Credit
Fight the Anti-Israel Economic Boycott by Supporting Targeted Companies
Boycott Arab Oil at Your Local Gas Station
Get the Israeli Side of Daily Events in the Middle East
Write to Your Elected Official on Behalf of Israel
Learn About Israel’s Greatest Accomplishments
Learn the Israeli Side of the Middle East Conflict
Discover What are Enemies are Saying About us and the Western World
Support the Troops
Join Pro-Israel Organizations
Spiritual Activism - Perform Acts of Tsuva for the State of Israel
Visit Israel for the First Time
Keep Coming Back to Israel and Make Your Next Trip Even Better!
Volunteer for Israel at Home and in Israel
Donate to Israeli Charities
Invest in Israel Bonds
Make Aliyah


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