Saturday, May 14, 2005

German Minister supports Israel

BERLIN - German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said on Wednesday that Israel still needs to have "military supremacy" over its neighbours.
"Many people in Europe, not only in Germany, no longer understand why Israel needs to be in a position of military supremacy," said Fischer in an interview with the newspaper Die Zeit.
Fischer, who has long taken an intense interest in Israel and in the Palestinians, said the problem remained that Israel was "never really recognised" by its neighbours.
"This requires military supremacy," he added.
Fischer noted that in Israel there was "a lot of mistrust" of the Europeans when it came to security issues.
"Would they really help us in a serious situation?" is the question asked in Israel about Europe, he said.
"In the case of the US there is certainty on this, but I'm not divulging any secrets by saying there are several question marks over the Europeans," said Fischer, who insisted this Israeli perception was not correct.



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