Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Disgraced Jenny Tonge now in HoL

From JPost

Dr. Jenny Tonge, a British legislator who was fired last year after expressing sympathy for Palestinian suicide bombers and comparing Gaza's Arabs to Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, has been nominated to serve in the House of Lords.

Tonge, who served as the Liberal Democratic Party's spokeswoman on children’s affairs, was sacked from her position by party leader Charles Kennedy in January 2004 after a storm of protest over remarks she made in an address to a pro-Palestinian group.

This woman really annoys me. You see, last year I attended a Young European Conference in Paris as part of my Sixth Form College, and Jenny Tonge was there (along with other speakers - most notably Michael Portilo). We had a Question and Answer session at the end of the days events - and one student got up and questioned her quite hard. It was quite an experience to witness, as this student was clearly upset with her "empathising" with people who are essentially killers. What a disgrace - another great example of the moral corruption of the left.


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