Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Anti-Semitism in England

From IsraPundit

I see that Joseph says we should boycott England and English goods, as England has become a very visible home of anti-Semitism. I wanted to add two things to that.

A friend of mine told me this past Sabbath, in the synagogue, that he had recently been in London for business. He was riding the subway (the Tube) and was horrified to see the sheer number of Arabs in native garb riding on the trains. He is not one prone to hysteria, but he believes the Brits have joined the French in being overrun by Arabs and Muslims, and they have lost control of this burgeoning population. Just like the rest of Europe, Britain is in danger of being "Islamicized" by appeasement and sitting around with a proverbial finger up its "arse".

In light of that, I happened to be channel-surfing one day, caught a report on CNN showing a "demonstration" of Arabs shouting nice things like "Bomb New York, bomb, bomb Washington, kill, kill, Tony Blair, kill, kill George Bush" nauseam, and that's an appropriate term here.

Many were masked. The police stood politely and just watched. It was noted by the reporter, however, that it is against British law to appear masked like that, in these demonstrations, and it is also against the law to incite violence. Not that killing anyone is out of the ordinary for the Arab community. And the police did nothing.
I am all for "free speech", but I think one might cross the line when they gleefully cry out for the murder of others, repeatedly. Just a happy-go-lucky group of incipient murderers. This is now London in 2005.

Joseph wrote that Britain was making war on the Jews since ~1920. I think the sun may have started to sink on the Empire even before that, but maybe Britian will end up as Spain did after 1492, and as other empires have attack the Jews and eventually, eventually, your empire sinks.

If we can help it along by a boycott, so the better. It worked once, in the 1760's up through the Revolutionary War...a boycott on British goods was an integral part of the forming of an independent America...and it is appropriate for Jews to do so now.

There is no longer any "Pax Britiannica", it is a pox on Britian. Let it be a warning also, to us in America, that by standing idly by and letting those who would defend and even applaud the rights of Muslims to spout hatred here, we will ultimately become as weak and pathetic as England has become.


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