Monday, March 27, 2006

Why no candidate is good enough

The Israeli Elections are tomorrow. By the recent polls, Kadims gain between 30 - 37 Mandates, the Likud gains 15 Mandates, Haavoda ( Labor ) gains 20 Mandates, and Yisrael Beteino ( Liberman ) gains around 12 Mandates.
Now, let's see why none of them can be the next PM:

Ehud Olmert - very corrupted Person. His familly is RADICAL leftist, and his sons, all of them reject Israel's right to exist. This is not good.
Amir Peretz - Also, corrupted. But, he is also having some Communist attitudes. Like, expelling the rich of their homes, and raising the Minimum Salary to 1000$, which is NOT going to be good in Israel's economic condition.
Benjamin Netanyahu - has absoloutly no responsibility. The way he just left the Government without telling anyone is not responsible.
Avigdor Liberman - I would say he is the most suited for being a PM, however, he fails to understand the threat Israel is facing [ i.e. Islamonazism ].

When we put the corruption aside, none of those leaders understands the threat of Islam. None of those leaders ever read the Quran, or learnt upon Islam more then what is taught at school. None of them is doing so, and no one will probably.
No one of them can be compared to Ariel Sharon. Even though he was corrupted to his bone, Ariel Sharon knew exactly how to deal with Terror, and how to deal with Iran. Liberman might have some of his spirit, but certainly not enough.
Even though I disagreed with Ariel Sharon, he was the only one capable of being a good Prime Minister. I have to say, as many Israelis, I miss him.


At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, what are you suggesting, Eran? Another Holocaust... this time against Muslims? You're making the same mistake that mass-murderers in the past have done. I suggest you learn more about Islam and read more about the Quran from an Islamic professor than from those websites that brainwash you with BS about Islam.


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