Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Twisting truth

MK Avigdor Liberman, has been calling for years to transfer Israeli Arab populated area to Palestine. As he says, he wants Israel to stay Jewish, and if the Israeli Arabs define themselves as Palestinians, they may go and live in Palestine.
By what he says, he wants Israel Jewish, and he knows that Demographics are playing an important role. To summ up his position, he wants to give lands by measures of Demographics, not 67' borders ( while keeping Ancient Jerusalem and large settelments blocks ).
Even though he wants the good of the Jews, all of the Leftists define hin as RACIST.
Because he wants Israel to remain Jewish?
Because he thinks that in order to keep Israel as a Jewish state we should think of Demographics?
Let me remind the Left what is Israel's goal and why was it founded.
Israel's goal was to establish a place where all the Jews will be able to live in it without dangers of Antisemitism.
So, shall I understand that being a Jewish nationalist or a nationalist at all makes you a racist?
In Liberman's case it makes you so ( I support him by the way ).
There's another case when this hypocrisity had happened. Misolevic and Yugoslavia. There's no doubt Serbia done terrible crimes, however, many Leftists forget something.
The Muslims started the whole thing. The Serbs just retaliated too strongly.
Furthermore, many of the rape stories seem to show some problem.
Women claimed they were raped at January and they were having birth at April. That's....
Shall we forget how many Serbs were butchered by the Albanians?
And if we talk of the Albanians ( Serbia's Palestinians ), 400000 of them were immigrants when the conflict had actually started.
Well, and the Left critircize only the Serbs. Even the Israeli left ( even though the Serbs were the ONLY nation in Eastern Europe who've helped the Jews at the Holocaust, while the Muslims recruited terribly fast without it's being forced on them to Husseiny's Balkan SS ).
When we are coming back to Israel, if so, what's Zionist in you?
The Two state solution in which one state is binational and the other is Islamic theocracy?
There's no Zionism in the Israeli left. And the World Left is the second Chamberlaine when it comes to Islam.


At 2:15 AM, Anonymous Berwick Cokehead said...

The Serbians reacted to hard??? The Bosnians hard no choice bar their leap for independence. The solvanes had declared statehood, the croats had, and were holding their own against the serbs. The Bosnians had a choice-either cede from Yugoslavia or became a nation of bantulands under a Greater Serbia. I am a member of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party, but I have no problem in calling you, and your zionist lackys, a bunch of right-wing nutjobs.P+SS OFF to Wyoming.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Eran said...

You are a common idiot. The Bosnians and the Albanians started slaughtering the Serbs.The Serbic retaliation wasn't justified, but it was equall to what the Islamonazis had done there.


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