Friday, February 10, 2006

Olmert's great Challanges

Olmert, probably the next PM in Israel, will have to face many problems.
The 1st one and most urgent will be the Persian Bomb. A revolution in Iran, as much it's expected, isn't yet happening. And if they'll reach a Nuclear Bomb before that, then they won't be stopped, and I don't want to think of the consequences. Olmert has the choose here, whether to attack Iran and take the risk of a war, or to go into a miniature " cold War " whose end can't be foreseen.
Olmert's 2nd challenge is the growing extremism of Israeli Arabs and hate toward the Jews, and the Demographic Element as well.
Another challange will be the Israeli Education. Three years of Socialist policy left the Israeli Education system very corrupted, while the teachers can get whatever they want, and to strike whenever they want on the back of the ordinary citizen.
Another harsh challenge is the Hamas soon to be created Government. Olmert can break Israel's reputation and to negotiate with terrorists, while not doing so will harm Israel's power at the world and her military will have to gain more funds, that will have an end in the end.
The Economy is starting to recover thanks to Benjamin Netanyahu, however, Olmert won't take him into the Government, because Netanyahu is from the Likud, and Olmert just left the Likud, so it'll be a Political submission. The other option is Amir Peretz ( Abu Safam and the one who'll understand may understand ), who's a Socialist with Communist Ideals, that in order to be in coalition, demands to be the Economy Minister, which Olmert, for the sake of Israel, can't accept.
However, one thing is playing to Olmert's side. He's a Lawyer, he knows the Law exactly, and how to take of it the best solution. He's not a General, that commands, as many Prime Ministers were over here. Let's hope he'll be able to get Israel in a stronger positions to be able to maintain her strength in this World where the danger of another World War is getting bigger from day to day.


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