Monday, February 20, 2006

Horban Bayit Shlishi, and how Islamo-Nazism and the Left help it

" End of the Third House ".

A house, in the Jewish tradition, refers to the Jewish revival in their land and the rebuilding the Temple. The First House lasted from 1000 B.C. to 586 B.C., the Second from 517 B.C. to -70 A.D. and the Third House lasts from 1948 to the present (and future) .

(*Note - this is not a post that calls for the destruction of the Dome Of Rock, although it means nothing to Islam )

The Jews came back to their land, and the 2,000 years of exile ended. As was written in the Bible "we cried for Zion", and in 1967, this ended. Jerusalem (translation - the city of peace) returned into our hands, and is getting more Jewish by the day (many Muslims leave the ancient city by will for money, and Jews buy the Houses ).

By our sources, there should be no more tears and blood after another destruction, because Israel is not supposed to perish.

Sadly, Jew-hatred is growing. In Europe and the USA not to mention the Islamic World, Radical Leftist groups support Anti-Semitism in the name of Liberalism and "Historical Justice" (which is racist, since it claims that Jews, alone among the people of the world, somehow do not deserve a state) and help the darkest Satanic Sect ever, invented by a mass Murderer and a good Hitler (i.e. Muhammad, for Leftists), Islam.

To Islam, Jews are the sons of Pigs. Jews are also liars, treacherous and evil - in sum, all of the Nazi slurs (Islam does hat other people and religions, but that's not the matter here).

And the "Liberals" support it. Israel's case is a classic and easy one for Liberals to support. A hunted nation for 2,000 years, wanting to reunite in her homeland, over which she cried for thousands of years, and defends herself from Terrorism.

But no.

Those "enlightened" people support the Terrorist cause, and managed to get help and support from self-hating Jews (e.g. Uri Avneri, Ilan Pappé, Noam Chomsky, and others).

This is pure racism against Jews. Calling oneself an "Anti-Zionist" is a nice way to escape from the truth of Anti-Semitism. Israel is the only state to which all the Jews in the world can flee in case of danger (a danger that can be seen in all of Europe, with growing Left-Islamism).

Those people work toward the end of Israel, which they fervently hope for.

Let us not forget that the Shah's Reform movement of the 70s led to the creation of one of the most evil and threatening states - the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Those Leftists are unknowingly supporting Iran's Nuclear Ambitions, in the name of "their right" to have the same technology as the USA, Great Britain or France does. Very nice - a Leftist agreement for another Holocaust on the Jews.

Of course, Ahmedinejad is just a "misunderstood" ruler of an "embarrassed" country, the religion of which is not tolerated in the "Racist" West (which is surely a Jewish Plot - those sons of pigs again).

If the Jews want to keep the Third House built upon the land, we had better stop being tolerant - and stop now. Israel was created in order to prevent another Holocaust, not to idly stand by another.


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