Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Halacha Persecution

In Israel, there's a new Leftist phenomenon - hate for Jewish culture.
It can be seen by the way that Leftists talk about the Jewish code of life - Halacha.
As they claim, the laws of Halacha are not good for this time, and are dictatorial, pretty much as the Sharia. Well, let me bring some counterclaims for those lies:
" Judaism is dictatorial "
Yes, I'm sure it's so even though the King is obliged to the same rules as the ordinary people.
" Judaism is violent religion "
What's claimed in the Bible at the end of the days is World Peace not under one person rule with the choose of " believe or die ", moreover, the only Jihad in Judaism is defending yourself, your familly, your country... Not going to some conquests in order to conquer. The Israeli Arab wars were Jewish Jihad, a defending of Jews.
" Judaism isn't moral "
I'm sure that the Ten Commandments show it. Moreover, there is charity in Judaism, many of it, and, as Rabbi Hilel said once- " the Torah is to behave to others as you want them to behave to you ". Actually, some of the biggest Charity Organizations in Israel are religous.
" Judaism is against Modern Values "
Well, it's true about Gays, however, many Jews go to work in Science and Buisness even though they're religous. There's also a law claims " Dina de malchuta " ( order of the Kingdom ) that means - to make yourself capable of adapting yourself in the Modern World.
" Judaism is Chauvinistic "
Well, there are parts who are so. But, I havent seen in Iran women at the Parliament who come from Orthodox background through Orthodox party. In addition, Women represents many settelements, mostly Religous. And I have to say, not many Religoins call for marriages out of love.
" Judaism isn't tolerant toward other religions "
I'm sure it's so even though we have to grant the non Jew the equall rights and to respect no matter what his religion is in a Halacha rule ( he has to respect the Jews as well ).
" Judaism is opposed to Zionism "
That's a lie. Jews should be at Israel, that's Zionism as we know it today.
" That's Israel, not the Land of Judah "
Israel means the country for all the Hebrews, and all the Hebrew are subjected to the laws of God. Judah was the state of the tribe of Judah, which survived, but Israel was the name of Jacob, one of the fathers. Israeli=Jew.
" Judaism is racist "
The reason it's so hard to convert to Judaism isn't because it's racist, but because Judaism is a religion of a community and a nation, and you have to go through tests to confirm you are suitable to this community. And " the high Nation above all " doesn't mean we should behave to other nations as inferior. The high above all, as well as God's chosen people means to deliver the massage of God peacefully, and as I said, to respect those who disagree with her.
" Judaism is outdated "
As any religion, there are parts, I think they're few. The moral and how to behave is always true, even today to those self hated Leftists.
" Judaism opposes itself upon Jews "
That's because if you're a Jew, you belong to a nation, and you can't run away from it, there's no such a thing.
" If you don't keep all the Mitzvas you're not a Good Jew "
I'm sure that's why many Orthodox choose Likud, who's mostly secular party in Israel. In addition, in the Bible it's says - " I've given you the good and the bad " which means that you can be moral and choose the Good behaviour as a Moral Person, and you can choose to be immoral, also free choice as well, not to mention that in Ecclestias it's written that the one who'll go into God's Temple will not be some observant or Great Priest, but a rightly guided men and women, which means those who are moral first, without regard to their position in the society.
" Judaism opposes Democracy "
If so Britain is a Dictatorship. The King is obliged to his nation, and to the Sanhedrin who is the High Court and Parliament. The can't do as he wish upon the people as well ( it's not an Ayatollah regime which can bring our some decisions here and there to help the leaders, but strictly to go only by God's law ).
" Sabbath is a burden and unneeded one "
I'm sure that a free day a week is wrong, especially if you're working hard.

If there'll be more statements on this subject I'd love to answer them. Many Extreme Leftists or just Anti Semite Jews ( see Uri Avnery, Gidon Levy, Amira Hess, Tali Fahina, Vaanunu... ) make such a ridiculus and wrong claims about Judaism, only in order that the public will hate the settlers and love the Palestinians. Stop lying to us. I'd go to a Rabbi to learn about Judaism, not to self hate full Leftists.


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