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The truth behind " The Religion Of Peace ", and Why I'm a Jewish Rightist, that's rejects Multiculturalism

When I watch my Junior High History Book, I keep finding lies, missing details, contradictions, and if to summerize that, Politicly Correct form of truth, or in one word - BIG BIG LIE.
When I was in the 7th Grade, we were taught about the " Prophet " Muhammad ( PBUH, and not that meaning ), how " peacefully " the Ancient Arabs converted to Islam ( which was by the way, extremely bloody, when Muhammad systematically killed those who opposed him, while using torture, slavery, etc, ), not mentionind what Pedophile, Evill, Israel Hater ( Israel - as a nation - Jews, Antisemite can't be said here ), Terrorist, Bloodthirsty, Sadist, etc he was. That's won't be written. And another nice details of the Islamic conquests, how peacefully people converted to Islam. Just to remind what's not written in the Book, that it was ISLAM OR DEATH method. And of course, Jerusalem's holiness to Islam, blah blah blah.
Jerusalem isn't mentioned in the Quran even once. The only reason that the AlAqsa Exits is because of a rebellion in Mecca ( which by the way, after Muhammad's death returned to Paganism as the rest of the Arab tribes in Hejaz, and were resubjugated ).
The Muslims stormed all through the Middle East, forcing sanctions upon and killing those who refuse to move to Islam. That's not there, it's not written there.
What's written is that " The Muslims were the most modern Empire and most tolerant culture over there ". Amm, most of the Scientists and the people who helped Moderation were Christian or Jews basiclly so, why is there a need to wonder......?
Now, to the 20th Century, what's I'm learning right now, at the 9th Grade.
If you make an exception how in WWI the Turks made Genocide upon the Armenians and Assyrian, and also tried doing it on the Jews in her territory ( very few, thank God ), what about things more Historiclly Correct, as the birth of the Palestinian Nation, who are immigrants from all over the Islamic World as a counter to Zionism?
And of course, there's no such a thing Fundamentalism, except in the Soviet Invasion to Afghanistan, and the Revoloution in Iran.
All the Nazi inspired ( by Hitler's Mufty, Haj Amin Al Husseiny, who's Yasser Arafat's uncle by the way ) pogroms against the Jews in the Middle East were counted as " Arab Nationalism ", even though it was named, JIHAD. Amm, interesting, I never knew Islam is based on Nationality as Judaism.....
And, there's something which contradicts itself. National Islamic feelings, in How Iraq felt about the Jews in her territory. Wow, Islam is also very socialist in his way, so may I say, National Socialist?
And, it's interesting, that nothing is being said on the Japanese army beheading prisoners while it writes that the Japanese where so bad, so they forced Muslims to pray toward Tokyo and not Mecca. I mean, what's going on here?
And of course, the wars against Israel were Nationalist, yeah right, it was JUST A COINCIDENCE that when Jordan ruled Jerusalem she allowed teaching Christianity only if it comes with teaching the Islam. Yeah, very Nationalist.
And then you wonder why people don't oppose terror. " Those are their legitimate rights ", " all nations desreve a state ( that's weird, last time I checked, the Arabs had MANY ) ", etc.
And just a question, the Jews don't desreve a state?
All those who say it, are no more than Anti Jewish and Racist.
And what about Jerusalem?
The Jews shouldn't accomplish their National right, and have Jerusalem which they prayed for since 70 CE? ( in terms of ruling )
That's why I'm a rightist. Because I think that by the method that all Nations deserve National Rights, so does the Jews. That's why I reject strongly to any Palestinian State. First of all, the Palestinian state is Jordan.
Second of all, the Palestinians are Arabs. And as far as I understand when I look at the Map, the Arabs have many states.....
However, some anti Israeli people throught the World, suggest a Multicultiral State instead of Israel.
If you put the racism aside ( those who say it know exactly it would lead to the end of the Jewish state ), it can't work.
It was tried with Kids, in Wadi Ara, a place where there are Jewish and Arab villages.
A Documentary show was made on it, Gesher Al HaVadi, Jiser Ala AlWadi, Bridge upon the valley.
It was very nice, untill it came to nationall holidays. How can a Jew celebrate Islamic holiday while Muhammad preached for hating Jews, and how can a Muslim Celebrate the Jerusalem Day, the day which Israel conquered Jerusalem?
But that's nothing. The problems are at Israel's Independence day. For the Israeli Muslims ( many Christians and Druze preffer to live at Israel ), it the Naqba Day, which 750000 Muslims fled Israel ( and good that's so, otherwise Israel couldn't exist ) fled Israel.
To a Jew, it's a celebration. We're finally BACK at our Homeland, ZION THE ETERNAL.
For a Muslim - a disaster that the Jews rule a land that's supposed to be Islamic by the Islamic Law.
At least the Jewish teacher was honest about it when she taught it. She said, there was a War, and we won. And War, as life, ARE NOT FAIR.
The Arab teacher, on the other hand, taught the students how " The Zionist Forces " conquered a land, and how unhumane we treated the people.
Well, we did bannished some Arabs, but not the Majority. The Arab Countries, sure for
their victory, called all the Arabs to leave, that it'd make it easier for them.
Well, they succeeded beyond their expectations, but, they lost the war.
And, now, back on topic.
The Arab teacher, made a girl, who was 9 years old, to feel sorry. Why?
Because she won. It's like American who'll feel sorry for Japan, because he attacked her in order to protect others. Hypocrites.
And that's why I reject to Multiculturalism in Israel. It can't be done. The Jews in this system will loose their legacy, as well as the Arabs.
The only way to succeed in doing this, is to take off all Politics and Holidays from the list, which will never happen. Therefore, Israeli Multiculturalism is failure. And that's why I'm rightist. Because I want to preserve my Nation's rights.
Zion VeAm Yisrael Lanetzach Bebirato Yerushalayim
( Zion and the Nation of Israel Forever in their capital Jerusalem )


At 10:16 PM, Blogger MississippiMud said...

Great Article. I also find it somewhat disturbing though that 25% of people in the poll on the War on "Terror" said "Forget about it." Multiculturalism doesn't work. The sooner our politicians understand this the better off we will all be. Best wishes and Israel forever ! :)


At 12:46 PM, Blogger Eran said...

But, as we know, as it was through history, the Left always fell into fantasies ( Ahm, Communism, Anarchism, etc, ahm ahm )

At 4:41 AM, Blogger nspn said...

I agree with you. Multiculturalism is a failure. Arabs have enough space I believe that they can claim as rightfully theirs. So why not Jews?


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