Thursday, January 12, 2006

Saudi Arabia, Terror, and why we can't attack them as they deserve

It's widely known, that the Saudy Royalty supports Terror ( aka AlQaeda ).
Actually, the Royalty, had helped Hitler's Mufty during WWII.
Today, as far as their Jew Hatred ( No Jew allowed in there ), they are supporters of Terror.
Some Leftists, had talked that GW Bush should've invaded Saudi Arabia which supports Terrorism, instaed of Iraq.
Have you gone mad?
Shall I remind you which two places exist at Saudi Arabia?
Mecca and Medina?
And in case of invasion to Saudi Arabia, Islamicists will fortify at........ Mecca and Medina, which Non Muslims are forbidden to enter.
Therefore, you has to attack Mecca and Medina, and I'm pretty much sure everyone know what it'll cause.
But, the US forces are at Iraq. That signifies to the Saudis that they better be carefull.
So, Leftists, do you really prfare an invasion who'll lead to a Gigantic clash, or just Iraq?
I'd love to here the answer, if there's.


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