Friday, January 06, 2006

After Sharon - the future of Israel

After Sharon will die, Israel will change forever.
Kadima, his party will not hold for long. It was a one man Party. Even if it'll last for few election, it'll fall.
Our new Stalin ( Amir Perez, the big brother as I call him, the Mega Socialist peacenik ), will seize power, and if he will get elected, the Israeli Economy will crash at the best case, and at the worst, his multicultural policy will lead to Israel's death.
The Likud, the basic Israeli Right was weakend thanks to Benjamin Netanyahu, and unless all the Rightists will unite, there's no future for it.
Today, Ariel Sharon is the only one who can be good as a PM, who's strong enough and stabile enough.
Ehud Olmert, his succesor, is a very bright person, but, he's a Lawyer, not a retired General, so he doesn't have the abillity to lead a Security Policy who'll be good unless he gives the IDF Generals many authorities, and they can make him their puppet. And I don't need to explain further were will that's lead.
Dictatorship is against Judaism. The Jewish King is subjugated to the same laws as everyone. A Dictator isn't. That's against the idea of a Jewish state with Jewish Moral elements.
Now, to the International Zone. The Persian President, if to be gentle, is quite irrational.
The only thing that frightends him is Sharon, who can always invent a good strategy both for attack or defense which is so creative and unbelievable, so it'll be very very hard to defeat him.
As far as I know, Ariel Sharon was never defeated, and if he was, the ratio between is huge.
But, if he's gone, the new one, which probably not going to be General, wouldn't know how to react to Iran, and Ahmedinejad, if he's smart enough, will know how to use it against him ( the Persian President declared it's a miracle ).
That's going to be a hot year over here.


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