Friday, November 25, 2005

What if it smells like Stalin, talks as Stalin, behaves as Stalin.......

Amir Peretz, the Leftist candidate to the near elections has one disturbing power against the right.
He's Maroccan Jew, and he's about to use the Racial excuse so dominant within Maroccan Jewish politicians - choose the 1st Maroccan PM.
Well, that's the last thing I care, his heritage as a Jew. What makes me feel uncomfortable is his behaviour. When he was elected, he went to Rabin's grave.
Now you tell me, what's more important, Rabin or our eternal capital Jerusalem?
Where do you think should he go?
However, that's really the least important. The Israeli Economy, just recovered thanks to Bibi's great economic Capitalism, will crash if Peretz will get elected.
Because he's a socialist, in a model that's very populist, and demagugeist.
And the Israeli economy will crash if he'll manage to make " Socialist [ hidden communist? ] reform ".
And, he also want Arab ministers. YIKES!
That's implying Israel is no longer a Jewish thing, but Binational!
Well, now for the ultimate thing, I'll try making up a scenario:
Peretz wins. He makes his " reform ", the Israeli economy crashes.
The Palestinians, now understand that it's a great time to strike, launch another intifada.
Pertez, as a Gesture to peace, diengages from Samaria and the Golan hights and enlarge the conflict of Left and Right in Israel, and becomes a Dictator with support of the minorities.
The Israeli Arabs, rise up in revolt, and with Arab Ministers.....
All Palestinians get Israeli Citizenship.
Ten years later, the Palestinian Caliphate from the River Jordan to the Mediterenean is established, when many many Jews fled the country to the US or Europe ( not that Europe is in a better position ), and all the extreme leftist as Yosi Beilin, Uri Avneri, etc live in Stockholm publishing a book about the missed peace.
And I thought Communism is dead...


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