Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A leftist post

France is racist, and fights the poor North African Immigrants who want to have their own Caliphate in the middle of France.
I mean, those poor immigrants lived there since they were born under the opression of the French racist police, of the Aprtheid Franco rgime.
They have to get their independence, every nation desreves her own country even if she doesn't exist.


Now seriously. Why are they revolting?
Islam. However, Human Rights continue to mummble about the French Racism towards them.
However they forget the crimes those people commit. What about setting Jewish Synagogue on fire?
Where were you?
However, what those Leftists and other stupid hippies cease to understand is that those immigrants have already a state, excuse me, more than one, and they're called:
Marocco, Algiers, Tunisia, and Mauritania. France is for the french, not for the North African.
Go Jean Mary La Pan!
And the same for Israel. There's no such a thing, Palestinians. Actually, the origin of the Palestinians is in Muslims all over the World, who came the land as counter to Zionism.
The only people who were always in Israel, however in small numbers, were the Jews, only.
So, Israel is for the Jews, and not for the Palestinians.
So, if it's possible, I wouldn't mind transffering the Palestinians to Jordan, because the " Palestinians " are a majority in Jordan anyway.
The only difference between Israel and france right now, that Israel has other demographics.
And that's gonna change soon in France......
Now, seriously, I'm afraid of the non reaction.
They can start suicide bombers in Paris, or even a revoloution!
No, I'm just exaghurating. Few years ago, when I warned people of this sort of thing they said I'm fanatic and an Islamophobe, not mentioning Fascist. So I'm a proud Fascist.
Well, I'm not very pitty for France. You've let them in, yelled on our treatment to the " Palestinians ", now eat what you cooked.
As an author in the JP told about Jacues Chirac that refused to join the Iraq war " The Muslims in France understood it as waht it is. A sign of weakness ".
Couldn't agree more.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

"""""There's no such a thing, Palestinians. Actually, the origin of the Palestinians is in Muslims all over the World, who came the land as counter to Zionism""""""

Actually most of them came for economic opportunities provided by the Jews - they simply wanted to earn higher wages and live a better life than they could in the surrounding arab regions ( which were no "states" yet at the time, but British or French colonial territory ).

but the bottom line is correct - for whatever reasons, they immigrated into the Jewish homeland.

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Eran said...

They immigrated for economic reasons untill the end of WWII.
Then one of their Imams asked them to come and save Jerusalem.


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