Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hevron Arabs ask Jews for help in Banishing Leftist Activists

As it turns out ( ), even the moslems can't stand the leftists !

Although they might be considered as useful by some "palestinian" Arabs as a means to generally annoy and harrass the Israeli soldiers at checkpoints and on patrols - which the leftist activists can do with absolute impunity thanks to their western passports, the most they got to fear is "deportation" a few kilometers away, but they are never jailed ! - and thereby ease terrorist activities, and the preparations for these criminal acts, by keeping the Israeli police and IDF busy and deflecting their attention at critical moments, the Arabs are getting increasingly upset about their western leftist "sympathizers," as the article linked above documents.

Now the Arabs are even resorting to asking the JEWS for advice and practical help to get rid of the leftists in Hevron ! And when an Arab turns to a Jew for help, you know it's got to be bad ... LOL.

This clash between the Arab moslems and their western leftist supporters was predictable, though ... the two adhere to ideologies, which are the polar opposite of each other:

The leftists support the equality ( and more ) of women -- the Arabs subjugate their women as "birth machines" and personal servants, and refuse to give them any rights but to wash, cook and cater to their men ( uncles, brothers, husbands, even their own sons ),

The leftists practice a very, erhh, "liberal" sexuality -- the moslem Arabs abhor sex before marriage ( at least officially, and as far as their women are concerned - the men enjoy greater sexual freedom: a macho culture, in a word ).

The leftists consider the use of drugs to be an essential part of their lifestyle -- the Arab moslems are forbidden to touch alcohol, and are bound by countless other prescriptions of the Qran, Hadith etc., barring them even from eating pork.

The leftists believe either in a socialist Über-state, or in absolute anarchy ... the Arab moslems cherish their patriarchal families, and the traditionally rigid tribal hierarchy, which almost forms parallel or counter-states within any Arab nation.

There are many more polar opposites of this sort.

What's really interesting about the Arabs' desire to throw out the leftists of Hebron is their turn to the Jews for advice and support ... maybe this could fore-shadow the beginning of a better understanding between the Jews and the moslems in Israel ?

It would not be a novelty, rather the return to the traditionally peaceful coexistence of the believers of these two religions. Before the late 19th century, the virulent anti-Semitic ( read: anti-Jewish ) hatred rampant today in the moslem world was virtually unknown ... only afterwards it was imported from the West - most notably the British Empire - and blended with radical Islam. Although the Jews were oppressed and disenfranchised in the moslem territories they lived in prior to the late 19th century - from Morroco to Persia -, they rarely had to face any pogroms, while such barbaric persecution was commonplace in Europe and Russia at the same time. Compared to the okzident, the orient was a land of relative security and prosperity for the Jews.

It would probably be naive to expect a quick improvement in the Jewish.moslem relations anytime soon ... but the leftists could learn a vital lesson out of this story nevertheless:
The moslems hate you even more than they hate the Jews !
They hate everything you stand for, your lifestyle and your nihilistic ethics.
They are barely willing to tolerate you amongst them while they can make use of you as "useful idiots," as pawns to annoy and distract their declared enemies, the Jews in form of the Israeli police and the IDF.
And as soon as they are finished with the Jews, they will come after you leftists to finish you off.
When will the left understand that ?


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