Saturday, October 29, 2005

Billy Boy takes a stand for Israel

Israelis travelling on the main highways in the Tel-Aviv area got to see enormous billboards, ads by the Microsoft Corp. The text reads "From the depth of our heart - thanks to the Israeli Defence Forces" on the background of the Israel national colors -- note that the Star of David is formed with blue hearts !
Gotta love it ... Bill Gates got balls and is taking a stand for Israel. Who would have thought ?! Big Up, Billy Boy !

To many visitors of our blog this piece of news may seem trivial ... in sharp contrast to the recent declaration of war uttered against Israel by the Iranian Fuehrer. Nevertheless, I consider it to be not only encouraging, but also of greater significance: We've all heard the news about the plans of several American churches to "divest" from Israel - that is, pull all the money they once invested in Israel out of the Jewish nation, with only a single expressed purpose: Weaken Israel as a modern, free and democratic nation, and at the same time support the "palestinians" and their unlawful leaders ( PA, terror gangs like Hamas, ...). The divestment campaigns of these churches were motivated solely by an anti-Semitic ideology, no economical considerations at all. It is less than chilling to witness this lack of moral judgement, not to mention wisdom, thereby displayed by several major American churches: The Jews are their ancestors in faith, the moslems their enemies. This behavior is strangely fitting into the behavior of Western atheist leftists, however, who also ally themselves with the evil forces of islamist reaction -- despite their pretense to champion women's rights or combat superstition and overcome traditions.

It is all the more surprising therefore that a business company like Microsoft, with no claim to follow an ethical system like a church does, goes out and openly declares its support not only of Israel, but of the IDF !

Israel needs friends like Bill Gates, who come to Israel not only out of economic considerations ( though all such people and companies are more than welcome as well ! And Israel does offer great opportunities and human ressources esp. in the high-tech sectors, compare this article: "Bill Gates Praises IsraelĀ“s Hi-Tech", Link: ), but out of principle, out of affection for the Holy Land and its wonderfully industrious people, to support the first and, until Iraq's liberation, the only modern democracy in the Middle East. Israel needs strong individuals who faithfully stand at her side even in the most dire straits ...

From the depth of my heart, I say: Thanks to the IDF ... and to investors like Billy-Boy !

PS: I will not repeat Eve's fault and bite into the Apple ... lest the Jews will be thrown out of their small paradise. LOL.


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Great news Axel - all hail Billy Boy!


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