Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A new World Order and The Left

On these days, on this year, on the 9th of Av, pioneers were banned from their houses. And why were they thrown out of there to the streets?

Because, the Ariel Sharon wanted to save himself from the High Court. That's why. And the Left is happy for our so called " cousins " that now can recruit unnoticeably more people for Islamic Terror.

Never, never, never give in!

One day we'll have to pull back from Samaria and Judea as well ( not from Jerusalem however ), but, that's not this day, and not the next 30 years!
Not as long as the Palestinians and the rest of the Islamic world are brainwashed every day that a Jewish state shouldn't exist.

No, it's not a secret that the Muslims through the world, well, the majority of them hate us and wants to see our destruction. It's not a secret that in the Quran there's a load of Racism and Anti Judaism verses. It's not secret.

It's also not a secret that Iran is going very swiftly in the path of Nuclear Weapons. And God, please make it a rumor. Please God. Shma Hadonay Yisroel Eloheino, stop Iran from acquiring Nukes. Please God, remember your nation Yisroel.

Yes, a Nuclear Iran that'll probably give a bomb to Al Qaeda is a threat to the Modern World. Instead of what the left thinks that a Persian nuclear bomb will lead to peace, I say it'll lead to another World Clash. Peace won't come with that. This war won't be a war of Honor, as World War I and World War II, it'll be a war of religion.
Of the Islam against everything. As there's in the Quran. The verses that indicates to kill all the infidels wherever they are and especially the Jews.

No, the disengagement won't bring peace. They'll keep sending rockets upon us and we'll reply in the end with an assault over Gaza. And if Iran will have by then a Nuclear Weapon then there are two options to what'll happen.
Or that they'll respond with a deadly outrage and will send few Nukes over Tel Aviv, or will demand to disengage again but this time from Judea and Samaria. In the end, we'll be bombed.

As we should answer, we'll Nuke Teheran, however, they can survive a Nuclear attack, we on the other hand not.

As most of you know, a Nuclear War will become a World War, and an Israeli attack over an Islamic State will result the unification of the Muslim World, and that'll make India, China, Russia, Europe, S.E. Asia, and of course, Israel to suffer.

When I look at it, it's not the 1st time such a war begins under those terms. Actually, Iran reminds me Germany of the 30th. The Superpowers gave in and very soon those countries declared war. It's just a matter of time until Iran will demand Israel to give territory to the Palestinians. Sounds to me like the Sudetenland.

I'm not saying that Iran is a Nazi regime, however, there are some lines of imagination here. Hitler was a terrorist and Ahmedinajad, the current ruler of Iran is a former terrorist. Islam is a racist religion and Nazism was so too. Both made gigantic claims for land and both declared a war for that ( Iran Iraq war, remember?
As the Ruhr valley, or may I say, Alsace Loraine? ).

Not to mention, Muslim Imams supported and encouraged Nazi rebellions in Islamic states, Haj Amin Al Huseiny helped Hitler to put up the final soloution in Germany, and Muslim newspapers show Anti Jewish caricatures. Not that different.

Not very different. To me not at all. Yes, the World is going to war with the Islam. Bush, God bless him, started this war and gave us a base at the heart of the Islamic world.

This war isn't a World Clash yet, however it's going straight in the direction of it. We give in to Islamic terrorism, they think they're a superpower, and they slaughter many non Muslims they found.

Do you know how many Terror attacks were since 2001?
2881. A rate of more than a two per a day!

You know what, I've got sick of being politically correct. Absolutely sick. Islamic Terrorism doesn't come from misinterpretation of Islam, but from the Quran himself. From there, from the Satanic Verses. Those who care too much for this can go and read the Quran, that'll surely open there eyes. Peace there won't be here in the near future, just bloody war.

Now, my nice Neo Left ( just for the protocol, Neo Left are those who care so much for the Palestinians in sake of the Jews ), go ahead and say that it's the " religion of peace ". I bet three fourth of you never read the Quran or think that the terrorism is coming from Nationalism. I wish it would have been Nationalism, however it's not because there's no such a thing a Palestinian nation but that's another matter.

Instead of the Real and Classical left who think of Israel's sake ahead of their goals, you think of the Palestinian's sake and by that's you betray. Traitors. You all who want to give Jerusalem. All of you who say that we're on the way of peace prosper and all the rest of the mythologies and conspiracy theories to their kind.

I hope that during such a war the right will be on rule, because under a pacifist Neo Leftist government Israel will die very quick. Very quick and very painful.

Well, I'm sure that the Left and the Neo Left won't bomb Iran from obvious reasons. It's of the left's history, to believe in Mythologies, as Communism, Anarchism, Global Peace & Village and all the rest of the lies.

And just a question dear Neo Leftists, why don't you condemn the violation of Human Rights in Islamic States?
Why don't you condemn the Palestinian terror, ooops, I've said it wrong " freedom fighting "?
Because they're not from your side. They can't be wrong, yes, we're the Imperialists and Racist Nazi governments.
And what about the Leftist Elitarism?
And Snobbism?
And Holocaust desecration?
Or that's OK? You know, sometimes I think you are ashamed of being born to the Jewish side of the conflict.

But, you and the Muslims can be quite a good allies. Instead of real Leftists as Haavoda and Meretz from the Leftist side, and the settlers from the rightist side, your loyalty isn't very clear to me. Your Anarchists movements who support the movements that claims that we have no right to exist, aren't loyal to their nation at all.

I need to say no further. You go and aid the Muslims in their will to conquer and kill all the Jews and I'll go protecting the Jews. Go away, because what you do is an absolute Treachery.

To summarize it all, peace and love aren't very close to us. Very far.

I know it dorsn't relate to the topic but I can't reply to email so excuse me everyone


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