Saturday, September 10, 2005

A lefty story

A lefty story

The news:

The first post-war bomb attack executed by West-German leftist terrorists targetted ... what ?

Well, let's guess: A pompous bank ? A poisoning factory, symbol of the evil side of capitalism ? A bourgeois CEO in his luxury Mercedes limo ? A lofty government building, arrogantly defying the will of the people thru its bombastic architecture ? Perhaps a corrupted politician ? Or a military installation, possibly one of the "occupying powers" of Great Britain, the USA or France ?

None of the above.

The first target of leftist post-war (WWII) terrorism was the Jewish Community Center of West-Berlin,
on November 9th, 1969 - cynically the 29th anniversary of the so-called Reichskristallnacht, in which Nazi mobs thruout Germany smashed Jewish homes, shops and synagogues in a violent rage called Volkszorn, which led to the deaths of dozens of Jews and foreshadowed what was about to follow with the Holocaust. Only sheer luck led to the failure of the Jewish community center's bombing, and the saving of numerous Jews' lives: The ignition mechanism of the bomb was too rusty to work ...

Behind the attack was the "communard" ( founding member of the legendary "Kommune 1," a communist housing project in West-Germany ) and "Tupamaro" Dieter Kunzelmann, as a new book by Wolfgang Kraushaar, "Die Bombe im J├╝dischen Gemeindehaus" ( 'The bomb in the Jewish Community Center' - ), reveals.

The commentary:

That the 1960s ( 68ers, as they're called in Germany ) leftist movement did not only have an anti-capitalist and anti-American, but also an anti-Jewish agenda, has re-entered the common consciousness in the recent years. The leftists supported, and continue to support today - under the guise of a naive anti-imperialism - the "palestinians" and the PLO, whose expressed goal was - and unofficially remains today - the extinction of Israel. The left thus supported, and continues to support today, a second Holocaust. Communist ideologues like Ulrike Meinhof and Dieter Kunzelmann propagated that the Germans had to get over their "Judenknax" ( "Jew complex" ), that is to forget the Holocaust ( and consequently all possible lessons taught thru it ) and act as if it had never happened in reality ! Tale-tellingly, their former comrade Horst Mahler is a leading member of the German Neo-Nazi party NPD these days ...

The left should take Kraushaar's book as a stimulus for self-critique - before it's too late, again.

But maybe that is exactly what they want ...

( by Axel_Bavaria, inspired by an article of Alan Posener, found in the German 'sundaily' "Welt am Sonntag,"Nr. 27, page 13. ( July 3rd, 2005 ) )

Additional reading ( German ):

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