Friday, September 23, 2005

Israeli-Iraqi cooperation against jihaddist terrorism proposed by Iraqi politician !

In an extremely controversial and high-risk visit here, an Iraqi politician has called for a U.S.-backed strategic alliance between Baghdad and Tel Aviv to prevent Islamist extremists and terror-supporting neighbors from subverting the embryonic democracy now taking root in his homeland.

That would be very encouraging to see. Perhaps such a US-backed alliance could be extended to include Turkey and Lebanon. But I doubt we'll live to see that happen ... nevertheless, it would be the best thing to do, and maybe the Iraqis think in more practical terms than we Westerners are inclined to imagine:

Mithal Al-Alusi, secretary-general of the Iraqi Nation Party, said Iraq and Israel should band together against similar threats from Iran, Syria and the growing phenomenon of global jihad. As envisioned, the two longtime adversaries would share intelligence, followed by Iraqi-Israeli defense trade. Eventually, bilateral cooperation would extend to open military-to-military ties, including joint training, said Al-Alusi, a Sunni Muslim from a prominent clan based in Iraq’s al-Anbar province. “We Iraqis have to break free from taboos imposed on us by Saddam, by the Arab League and by the mullahs,” or religious clerics, Al-Alusi said Sept. 13, after speaking at a conference at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism. “If we want to prevail against the terrorists, we need to correct ourselves by aligning with like-minded nations that have the power, the know-how and the resolve never to surrender to terrorism.”

Talibani already stated that he has no problems with Israel, but it is doubtful whether the rest of the country is ready to establish ties, after decades of anti-Jewish propaganda by Saddam.
The example of Mithal Al-Alusi proves that one can withstand the indoctrination, and stay sane ... It is people like him who shaped my view of post-Saddam Iraq. A bit of Al-Alusi is in every Iraqi, just remember how bravely the people defied the terrorists' threats at their first election.
Maybe the new Iraq will teach us bigotted Westerners another lesson by cooperating with the 'Zionist Entity' for the common good of Arabs and Jews. Perhaps they'll show us that Arabs are smarter than we think by scrapping the old stereotype of the Arab as anti-semitic by nature -- provided they are given the necessary freedom to think and act for themselves.

I got confidence in Iraq - they're the minute-men, the avantgarde of the revolution, just as Mickey Moore said. Only one small detail I'd like to correct: It is not the revolution Mickey M. was rooting for ... but its enlightened opposite.

Ashar al-Iraq !


At 2:38 PM, Blogger Eran said...

Amm, I'm not sure that it can succeed. The Sunnis hate us, and the Shiite don't hate us less. At the beginning of Zionism, Iraq, that was a monarchy at the time before Saddam, hated us. I don't think it had changed. About Talbany, I think that it'll be right to say that only about the Kurds. Israel helped the Kurds under Mulla Mustafa Barzani, and Talbany was part of that. Only the Kurds are willing to make peace with Israel, however, that's just my opinion.

At 5:07 PM, Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Great post Axel

Obviously an Israel-Iraq alliance against terrorism would be the most logical course of action; by skeptism stems from my lack of trust that Iraq's politicans have an altogether strong grip of logic.

I doubt we'll see this link soon, but as long as freedom wins in Iraq it can't be too far behind.

Good luck to everyone in their struggle for a decent and hopeful future.


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