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Islam, Alaqsa, the exile of the Jews, and the Jewish History in Islamic lands and Israel, a Historical lie

I won't say exactly what I think of Islam after reading the Quran out of politness. If you do want to know switch the word peace in the sentence " the religion of peace " to a word that's being written in other way but sounds the same. In Jerusalem there's the Alaqsa Mosque and the Dome Of Rock where the Temple used to stand.

However, it's " Holiness " to Islam might not be as we think it is. Jerusalem is sacred to Judaism and Christianity, that's we know for sure from the Bible and the New Tastement. However, the name Jerusalem doesn't appear even once in the Quran, not even a verse of the word Urshalim Al Quds which is Jerusalem in Arabic. There's only one word that appears there, Alaqsa.
And there's no proof that Alaqsa is Jerusalem. No proof. Alaqsa means ( and I quote from Wikipedia ):
" The farthest Mosque ".
Well, before Islam there was no Mosque in there. Therefore, it can't be Jerusalem. For those who aren't Blog members and will immidiately attack me for saying that, read until the end. When I regard Muhammad ( there's not even one proof that he ever existed ) , he says none of Jerusalem. None. Actually, the land of Israel isn't remembered even once, except the story of the spies that came spying in this land. Not the land and not Jerusalem are remembered at any significance, when it comes to Jerusalem she doesn't exist in the Quran at all.

But, now sceptics will come and say, " what about the Dome Of Rock and the Alaqsa Mosque? "
Actually, the answer is very simple and has a lot to do with the Jews. A short reminder, there were Two Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. Well, during the Byzantine rule over the land of Israel, there were 750000 Jews ( that most of the Jewish population lived at the Galilea and the Judean desert, a land that's populated with Arabs today ) who were most of the world's Jewish community out of 3000000 citizens. There were Christians who were little more than a Million, Samaritans who were approximately 250000, and Christian Arabs and others who were a million, and the Jews as I've said ( the facts are from the book Derech Eretz in the part " Is it really after 2000 years? " ).

Even though the Jews and the Samaritans suffered a lot from the Byzantines, they were still a part to be considered, but when it comes to the Samaritans, the Byzantines were not mercifull at all toward them and almost destroyed their religion.

But now, back to main topics. During the 7-8th Centuries the Arabs conquered this land and the region became Islamic very soon. In the Jewish recordings we can find that during those centuries of the Arabd conquest, the Jews became a poweless and small minority. Why did that happen?

Well, instead of what people claim, the Arab conquest was terribly violent, and Islamization and Arabization was forced on the conquered population. That's how the Babylonian nation, the Assyrian nation, the Egyptian, and all the rest ancient Nations who were in populated areas almost died ( except the Persians ).

The Jews also suffered from that. Umar the Conqueror of Jerusalem wanted more believers to Islam and the Jews were a nice target for that. That's why Alaqsa was built on the Temple Mount, in order to make the Jews become Muslims, like it's " their " Temple. However, this Political decision ( that led in the last five years to thousand of deads ) wasn't succesfull. The Jews didn't convert to Islam. And the method of " Islam or death " didn't work very good either.

So the Arabs decided to try another method. They gave the Jews and Christians allowance to live by their religion ( and not by what Islam claims that's all unbelievers should be killed ), however, they were forced to pay extremely high taxes for that. Most of the Jews who were farmers and burgoeise just fled to the Non Islamic countries and to Spain.

Remembering that's most of the Jewish population at that time lived in the East, and the majority of the Easterns was at Israel ( the rest were at Iraq Persia and North Africa ),
than our exile began there. 1300 years ago, not 2000 years ago.

Except Spain, the Jews's life in Islamic countries weren't better than they were under Christian rule, in Countries as Yemen even worse. In the Quran there are verses that indicate that the Muslim must make the Jew suffer because Allah punished the Jews forever.

The Jews enjoyed freedom only at the 200 years of the Technologic Advance in the Islamic lands, even in Spain, around the end of Moorish Spain the Jews became the allies of the Christians in the Reconquista because the Al Muahidoon didn't allow any non Muslim in Spain, and pretty much the same in the rest of the Islamic countries untill the arrival of the Ottomans.

They were less Anti Jewish than the rest of the Islamic Countries and they were those who fled from Christian Spain, and allowed them to come back to the land of Israel. Actually, before the Ottomans there were almost no Jews in the land, and most of the Jews today who's familly lived in Israel for many many generations are Spanish Jews at the heritage.

But, that generousity ended in the Ottoman Empire around the end of the 19th Century and lasted only in Marocco. The Jews were considered at World War I as traitors and they were expelled as much the same as the Assyrians and Armenians at the beginnings of their Genocide ( Armenians and Assyrians ), and it was the Jews's pure luck that there weren't many Jews at the land, else I don't want to think what would've happen.

An example:
As the Armenians helped the Russians, there were few Jews who've spied for the British ( Nyly - Netzach Yisreal Lo Yeshaker - The Eternity Of Yisroel won't end -who's center was at Zikhron Yaaqov ), were all executed ( one suicide ) with torture. But, what the Ottomans did later, they expelled all the Jews from the settelments that will grow to be Tel Aviv. All were expelled, all of them. All were sent to the north, and many of them died.

I just say thanks that there weren't many Jews at the Land of Israel at that time. Else, as I said, maybe Zionism would've been dying away.

Even in the British rule the Jews's position didn't get better. In Hebron, the Muslims simply slaughtered the Jewish population of Hebron, and caused by that to the Jews of Hebron to fled from their houses. Untill the creation of Israel the Arabs attacked the Jews, and the British in the good case didn't do anything. In the worst, they helped the Arabs.

That's history. All those who say that Jews were having a good life under Islamic rule just don't know Jewish History.

That's a historic lie. Alaqsa, the Jewish life under Islsm. All of it. Spread it please.


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