Friday, August 19, 2005

Read and laugh

A load of lies written by the PLO's article on Jerusalem's History:

And now, in order to shut those lies I'll write that:

"Arab Jebusites"
Where did you take that from?
The Jebusites were a semitic nation that was very close to the Hebrews. Actually, the Biblical Hebrew is very close to the Canaanite language and Biblical Hebrew is not Arabic at all. Maybe Aramaic dialect.

"...fourth millenium BC and that the existence of the Jebusites had preceded the advent of David or the so-called “Kingdom of Israel”, if it ever existed..... "

Well, the Jebusites were before the Jews ( Canaanites ) but however, there are excavations that proove the Existence Of The Jewish Kingdoms. That's that the Quran says it didn't exist doesn't mean it didn't.

" The Israelis themselves do not deny what their excavations have recently revealed—a Canaanite water system was discovered and up to the present, no traces have ever been found of Solomon, his kingdom, or his temple ''

Maybe because you've destroyed those artifacts and forgot that Jerusalem was sacked and rebuilt many many times so apparently something was lost?
And 2nd of all, the Palace Of The House Of David was found in Jerusalem and so there is the Eastern Wall that the Archeologist Yehoshua Etzyon claims it's a debris of Solomon's Temple. And the Tombs of the Judean Kings were found....
So it had existed.

" That is what Dr. Kafafi has announced in the Jordanian Al-Ra’i daily, indicating that this volume is about to be completed. Section one will explore the land and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the naming of the city, its people and the Arab Jebusites, who existed in Jerusalem long before the so-called Kingdom of Israel, if it ever existed. Section two explores Jerusalem in the old historical sources, especially the Egyptian and Assyrian sources. Section three details the ruins of Jerusalem through the ages, beginning from the fourth millennium BC until the advent of Islam. This section also contains research papers on the methodology of the scientific research regarding the ruins of Jerusalem and a chronological sequence of the history of this city. "

And still, there was in the site of Babylon an inscription that claims that the King Nabuchadnezzar was besieging on the Capital Of Judah. Or is it not a good enough proof?

'' relying on the content of biblical texts "

" The city of Jerusalem reached the climax of its prosperity during the period of both the eighth and seventh centuries BC "

During the reign of the Kingdom Of Judah....

However, the recoming to Judah from the exile at Babylon isn't remembered in the Article. And that's known to have happen.

" Maccabean revolt, Jerusalem had become an independent city "

For God's sake, where did that come from?
Jerusalem was the Maccabean Capital!

And they don't remind that the Jews rebuilt the Temple neither the sacking of Jerusalem..
They quite hate History, don't they?

" “Bar Kokba Revolt” as attributed to the commander thereof, and had resulted in the Romans eliminating the last existence of Jews in Palestine, particularly after the fall of the Masada fortress, located south-east of the Dead Sea, to the Romans. "

Hilarious. Massada fell at the 1st rebellion, at 73 AD....

" Persians who occupied Jerusalem in the year 614 CE. "

And gave her to the Jews....
And another forgotten fact:
The Emperor Julian allowed the Jews to rebuild the Temple!

" Then, in the year 1033 CE, Jerusalem suffered another earthquake. It is worth mentioning in this context that the Christian buildings had not suffered any destruction by the Muslims but remained intact without any change. The best proof of this fact is the finds in the south-eastern side of the Haram esh-Sharif (Holy Sanctuary). "

How can it be?
If they have collapsed so should've the Wetern Wall....

" On 15 July 1099 CE, the city of Jerusalem fell to the Crusaders; however, after it was liberated, it had become a part of the Ayyoubid Kingdom (1187–1250 CE). Thereafter, it was made part of the Ottoman State (1517–1917 CE), and throughout these periods, Jerusalem maintained a Muslim oriental character. "

Yeah, during the Ottoman period the Jews didn't start to be a majority in Jerusalem...

Cheap Demagughy.


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