Friday, August 12, 2005

The Islam and the Sword, Israel and World War III

Well, in the last few years our world is suffering from a terror strike, but not a small scale terror, a worldwide one.A worldwide terror, who´s source is the Islam. Well, I won´t be here politecly correct, because it´ll be a lie about the Islam if I´ll be.I have been reading the Quran in the last few days, and I got to say that I´m shocked of the amount of racism, especially toward Jews and Pagans. Every 5 pages you can find Anti Jewish propaganda, as the old Jews turned into pigs and the youngs to monkeys. Not mentioning Suras that say that Muslims should kill all the non Muslims where ever they can find them. Those are things that with all due to respect I´d have been expecting to find in a somekind of Nazi ideaology. And that´s only the tip of the Iceberg. By what I understood, their hatred to the Jews begins because " the Jews have hidden chapters in the Bible that talk about how good Prophet Muhammad is ". Amm, and another thing I´ve almost forgotten: It´s the duty of a Muslim to make the Jew inferior to him in anyway possible when the best way is taking Jizye tax from the Jew in order to enrich the Muslim out of the Jew. And Pagans, they´re the woest infidels in Islam. When Christians and Jews can someway believe what they want, Pagans are to be forced to convert. And if they leave Islam they must be executed. And the treatment to women is also very " moderate ". If she has got an unagreement with the husband, it´s the husband´s duty to beat her. Yes. Well, that´s the so called, " religion of peace ".I´ll call it Din Alharb, the religion of war, as they call to the non Muslim World - Dar Alharb - world of war that must be submitted to Islam. The Religion Of War. No wonder that there are terrorists attacks. It´s not a misunderstanding of the Islam - it´s the Islam himself. Well, now I´ll go to Islamic terror. By the books " Jihad Aganist McWorld " by Benjamin Barber and the book " Clash Inside The Islam " by Imanuel Sivan, it´s claimed that the Muslims go to fundamentalist terror because they fear of loosing their Religous Identity. Well, I strongly disagree and agree with that. When we see that most Islamic Terrorists are graduaters of the Madrasas, I´d say that they just do what they´re told by the Islam. It´s somekind of Fundanmentalism, but not fear. If many Muslims think that if they unite under Islam they can defeat anyone, I think that they´re blind but not fearfull. They don´t fear of loosing their Religous Identity, they think that they´re the strongest force in the world and that they can defeat the whole world if they just wish. That´s can´t be fear, just blindness. Not fear.So Terror is Islam, yes, the one is the represent the other. Yes, Salman Rushdie is right, those are indeed the Satanic Verses.As an Israeli, I´ll focus on the Middle East. The Palestinians are trying to slaughter all the Israeli Jews and to replace them with Palestinian refugees. The Jews protect themselves, and they´re blamed by the world left and even by the Israeli left for doing crimes against humanity to the Palestinians. They claim that the Rightwing is Nazi and the enemy of the peace. It can be said as the opposite, that the Leftwing is Communist and the enemy of Israel. For being a Rightist in a school who´s mostly leftist I was often accused for being Fascist for not wanting to give Jerusalem. However, the Israeli left´s policy toward the Palestinians is that we should bew the people to give up for them because we are the more intelligent of the two. Both racist and stupid ( excuse me for the expession ), because it´s based on giving in with lame excuses for terror. Most people know that giving in to terror even in the slightest thing is victory to terror. So is the disengagement. It´s giving in to the Islasmic Terror. For all the leftists, this terror isn´t based on Nationalism at all, it´s based on Islam. But however, it´s ok to bomb Israeli Jews because they occupy the Palestinian Lands in order to protect themselves. So they´re not allowed to protect themselves?Why?Because they´re stronger than the Palestinians?So they´re automaticaly wrong?Of course, after the disengagement there won´t be an end to terror. There won´t be. They´ll keep sending Suicide Bombers into Israel. With the aid of Egypt. As usual, the Egyptian support the Palestinian terror behind our back but we don´t try to stop them from doing so. But, as Golda Meir said about the Palestinians: " We´ll have peace with the Arabs when they´ll love their children more than they hate us ". She´s right. As long as they won´t like living more than Bomb themselves there won´t be peace. There will be peace only when the Muslims will agree to a Jewish state in the Middle East. But now to another place in the Middle East - Iran. Iran is about to get Nuclear Weapon, some say that she´ll get them between 2006 - 2007. Somewhere between. Nuclear Iran is the biggest danger to the World. Even though she´s not the only Islamic country with Nuclear Weapons ( Pakistan ), she is willing and capable with Nuclear Bombs to destroy Israel, and everything non Muslim. If Iran will just try to send a Nuclear Bomb on Israel, Israel will answer with a Nuclear Bomb back wether Iran will succeed with it or not. If Iran succeeds, it´s the end of Israel as we know it. If she won´t a Nuclear War will start and that´s means a World War, or in the best case only the Islamic Countries against Israel. In the worst case, the whole western world against the Islamic World. If you ask me, such a war in inevitable. As long as Muslim Terrorists are not being stopped, there´s no chance to avoid it. Unless we stop all the Muslim countries that suppost terror, especially Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinians. They´re those who inspire and fund the terror throught the world.But the war had already started. In September 11th. That´s was an Islamic declarence of war upon the whole world. Upon all of it. The whole free world must join forces and unite against the Islam that seeks to destroy him and to subdue it to the Islam.


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