Friday, August 26, 2005

Islam and Racism

Well, I as a grandson to a Holocaust survivor, quite dislike to use the term Nazi or Fascist unless where it deserves it. But, during the Sabbath Night today, I've talked with him about Islam and something I've heard the Hitler had connection to that.
Wgat I was told amazed me. During the Arab uprise in the Colony of Palestine, there was a leader from the Huseiny familly. And when the British stopped the uprise this Huseiny fled to Germany and he was welcomed by Hitler!
Here's a picture of the honorary order Hitler gave to him for being Anti Jew ( on the right ).
And there's a quote of Hitler saying that too bad that the Arabs didn't made it to conquer Europe because than the Germans would've been an Islamic Empire. And he even said after talking to this Huseiny that the Islam match his theory!

Well, I think it does proves itself. Enough of being Politicly Correct. That's the bare truth. And after reading the Quran, I got to say that the Islam is racist. Verses that say kill all those who refuse to recognize Islam, attack the Jews, don't allow any non Muslim to be alive. And not mentioning the a Non Muslim Black is bad..
Racist. Awfull. Satanic.
Salman Rushdie - Go Forward!


At 12:54 AM, Blogger Chris Hughes said...

I definitately think the Palestinian-Nazi links have been deliberately downplayed in the media, and I applaud you for raising it here

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