Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why did the Pro Disengagement chose the Blue

Why did they realy?

To mark that the settlers aren't Israel, that they're not part of Israel, that they're Israel's enemies. That's the reason for the blue.
The settlers on the other hand chose orange because that's the color of the Gush Katif council. So, the leftist wants to sign that the settlers aren't Israelis, to turn them to evill in Judaism because if they put themselves out of the society they're bad in Judaism. Personnaly, I think that's the lowest level someone can go. Because of their political opinion to " throw " them out of the Israeli society?

Absoloutly disgusting. But as my previous post, we won't hear about that in the news...


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

In the article linked to below, Ben Yam explains the war of colors -- and why the use of blue by the appeasers is such a shame.

The essence: Blue and white are the colors of the Israeli flag.

By using blue and white ribbons to show their support for retreat, appeasement and collaboration with the terrorists, the liberals basically send the message that they stand and speak for Israel ( white and blue ), while the righteous people, who found an independent color for their cause, were against Israel's well-being.

The pro-terrorist left high-jacked the colors of Israel for a highly partisan, even anti-Zionist cause.

Orange vs. Blue and White?
Ben Yam

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Eran said...

As I said, disgusting.


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