Monday, July 18, 2005

London Terror Attacks linked to Tel Aviv Bombings !

I already commented about the obvious parallels between the terror attacks in London and the ones in Tel Aviv ( see here ) – both are thriving metropoles of western art, fashion, media, high technology and the latest life-style, and in both men, women, children were slaughtered on purpose by islamist jihaddis, who do not care about what we DO, but hate us for who we ARE.

Strangely enough, these obvious, non-coincidental parallels don’t seem to register with large parts of the Western World, and much less its establishment in academia, media and politics.

Now new evidence is about to come to light, which should give these “rationally challenged” so-called elites of the West a little clue:

The international news agency REUTERS reports a link between the London bombings and another attack in Tel Aviv, specifically (this ) that

“(…) a key suspect in this month's London bombings is believed to have helped plan a pro-Palestinian suicide attack in Tel Aviv two years ago.

Maariv daily said Mohammad Sidique Khan traveled to the Jewish state in 2003 and that Israeli defense officials suspect he helped two fellow British Muslims carry out a suicide bombing at a beachfront bar that year that killed three people.

British police named Khan, 30, as a member of a cell that killed at least 55 people in the July 7 bombings in the capital. (…)”

Such a surprise ! Who would have thought, who could have known … ?! No, this must be a lie, a misunderstanding !

After all, liberal Tommies might say, mass-murdering Jews is entirely different thing from slaughtering Londoners, there’s no moral equivalence in these acts ! And ain’t all Londoners, at least most of their dominating liberal establishment, flaming anti-Zionists ? Ain’t the British universities boycotting their Israeli peers ? ( Info here ) Ain’t London the terrorist head-quarters in Europe ? Ain’t the British Moslems free to rail against the Free World at any time they feel like it, and proclaim their intent on world domination ? ( See this ) In brief, didn’t the UK, and especially London, do everything in its power to appease radical islam ?

You can’t appease Islamism, it does not work.

You can’t make peace with those who are hell-bent on killing you, or at least seek to destroy your way of life. And they don’t make any distinction between those of us who collaborate with them ( here ) and those who stand up and resist, and fight ! Sooner or later they’ll come for your ass, or your children … Maybe the Brits will finally realize this simple piece of worldly wisdom, before it is too late.

Curiously enough, though, REUTERS continues as follows:

“A senior Israeli security source said the Maariv report, which cited no evidence, was unsubstantiated. "This is not a concrete finding," the source said.

Israeli officials are under orders from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon not to draw links between the London attacks and Palestinian militants to avoid offending British sensibilities.

That’s another stunning display of Israel’s – and in this case specifically Ariel Sharon’s - absolute incompetency at generating any remotely helpful PR for the tiny little nation of Israel ( no bigger than the French island of New Caledonia, and ten percent smaller than the US state of New Hampshire ), which needs any friend it can get.

Avoid offending British sensibilities by suppressing evidence which links the London bombings to attacks in Tel Aviv ?!

What kind of sad joke is that, are you fucking shitting us, Arik ?

Is it offensive for Londoners to be targeted by the same islamist jihaddis as the citizens of Tel Aviv ?

Well, not only the people of London, all Westerners will have to decide which is more “offensive” for them:

Being blown to pieces by islamist “suicide-bombers” ( what a weird word – putting the emphasis on the death of the terrorist aggressor instead of the deaths of the victims ) while continuing to maintain the idiotic belief that islamist terrorists around the world had each their own little "grievances,"

Or acknowledging that we’re facing the same hideous foe in Islamism, which is hell-bent on world domination, and pursues that goal internationally,

and consequently fight Islamism with our combined forces,
for a better tomorrow.


At 5:38 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...


Mossad tells Brits: Same explosives likely used in Tel Aviv and London blasts

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Eran said...

That's just shows exactly that their hatred is toward all of the modern world.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...


I wonder when the last liberal peacenik will realize this simple fact.

At 2:58 AM, Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Its strange this hasn't made British media - i say strange, we all know why it hasn't.......


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