Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day ... and what it means in practice

Today, on the 4th of July, not only America celebrates the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, but countless friends of freedom and democracy around the world.

We are commemorating this historic event, which sparked the first light in a world dominated by the darkness of imperialism and tyranny, in a true spirit of friendship with and admiration for the American people and their achievements not only for themselves, but for the whole of mankind.

Nevertheless, among friends we should speak openly: On this day of America's independence, oh American people, remember that other nations, who gained their independence from tyranny and oppression later, got the same rights as you do. They cherish their independence and sovereignty to no lesser extent.

To speak it out, I could enjoy the memory of this great day, the 4th of July AD 1776, even more, if your government respected the independence of the democratic nation of Israel a tad more, and did not try to mingle into affairs which your elected representatives - their other merits notwithstanding - do not know much about, and lack the legitimation to deal with.

Israel will never tell you how to deal with your Mexican minority, who favor the "reconquista" -- it's your problem, and you know best how to solve it.
I would be glad if the US stopped proposing plans for Israel's dealing with the so-called "palestinians" -- it's Israel's affair alone, and the Israelis know best how to deal with it.

Celebrate your Independence Day, my American friends, you got the right ( and much cause ) to be proud of your nation. Justr remember to grant that free spirit and the right of national sovereignty to all other democracies as well !

Thank you.

( Just my 2 ... erh, 6 cents ;) )


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