Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ariel Sharon stopped the Rightists!

I write what i write here with great anger. In the last two weeks the Anti Disengagement protestors decided to make a non violent protest march toward the Gaza that became a military closed area, no one in no one out.
The government in Israel was turned leftist, since they DON'T let those who want to proitest against it to protest. I'm not talking about those who block roads and use children, I don't like those and I never will. BUT, the government now uses everything it can to destroy the name of the Settlers, to destroy them. They try to shut them up, they didn't write anything in the newspaper about the Soldiers that lynched a settler, they wrote only about how bad the settlers to Palestinians. And now, they don't allow them to protest in peacefull and democratic way. To Viki Knafo, the one that marched to the Parliament to protest against Benyamin Netanyahu they allowed to march and to the settlers they don't. That's just shows how democratic the Israeli Government became. No one thinks of the settlers anymore, they're just described as a bunch of barbarians, who want to shut down Israeli Democracy and law, they're called in the Newspaper ( here I quote from Haaretz ) " the sons of law against the sons of absoloute faith ". Just to show how stupid that is, I can call the same in the opposite direction on the Leftists that's killed a slodier in a violent protest against the fence. But we were'nt told about it the much as we were told about the settlers, no. Ariel Sharon recruited the Media to his purpose.


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