Friday, July 01, 2005

Ariel Sharon and Civill War in Israel

Well, during those days Israel is heading toward a civill war.


Because Ariel Shron decided to expell the Settlers from Gaza.
The revolts of the settlers, that were led by some fanatics, were the cause that many dislike the settlers in Israel.

That's so wrong, the settlers are high quality people. I know settlers, they're fine men and women.
All those who hate them, it's clearly Ariel Shron's job. He is now leading propaganda against the settlers in Gaza and Samaria, and calls them Fanatics.

Well, mr Sharon, they have the right to protest against expelling them from their houses.
The lies about the disengagement plan, that it's for good is just to save your skin.
Too late, we already know you're a corrupted Dictator, you've sent twelve year old to prison, you've been in the Sezon in the years before Israel was created, you gave your son a p;ace in the Israeli Parliament, you've been lying about those who disagree with you, what do you think?

That to run a country is like running a division?
You were a great General, I must admitt, but, as many generals who've came to politics, you've became a Dictator.

You might be cheating the Blind leftist and Neo Leftist, but you don't cheat me and the Likud, we see that you would do the disengagement even though it can cause a civill war, we see you have no problem to sell Israel, the settlers, that you've sent to settle those regions, and now you've betrayed them.
You've betrayed two things:

Your Allies The Jews, and the state of Israel.

Well, you corrupted man, your betrial might lead to civill war now, and you're held responsible, you'll probably go with the left, and you'll support a Monarchy. Who do you think you're?

The Massiah King?

Well, whoever the General against you will be, will have a hard job.
But, if it'll be me, even if I'll loose, I'll rather suicide than submitt to you and your dogs, the Left Wing.


At 11:18 AM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

Several problems with your post, Eran:

First you allege that some of the Jewish people living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria staged protests and therefore were viewed as "fanatics" by some Israeli factions. Later you take that back half-heartedly ...

Does exercising your right to voice your opinion and protesting on the streets make you a "fanatic" ?

Watch your speech, Eran ... the M$M calls the jihaddist terrorists of the Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Hezbullah etc. "fanatics" as well.

Do you want to imply that they are on a level with islamist terrorists ?

How many people were killed by "fanatic settlers" in the last half-century ?

I don't recall any ...

And how many were murdered by the terrorists ?

Thousands ...

So get a clue -- of course some idiots think of the Jews living in Gush Katif as "fanatics": They are the very same people who think that Jews drink the blood of Arab babies for breakfast while plotting Jewish world domination. Really reasonable folks - not.

Apart from that, I haven't seen much of an opposition to Sharon from the Likud ... to the contrary, they're following him like sheep, and even Netanyahu, Sharon's rival in the party and most open critic, is more afraid to lose his post than he is afraid of the huge damage done to Israel by the deportation plan.
The politicians of the likud have turned out to be as corrupted as it gets. This party is so despicable ...

Third, in your last sentence you write you'd rather die than submit to Sharon ... and you know exactly that this is utter bullshit. Don't write anything which you don't believe, Eran ... you're not planning to die like the "suicide bombers" of the "palestinians", so don't talk as if you were going to.
You even told me that you considered it wrong for IDF soldiers to refuse orders which tell them to drag families out of their homes ... you're a political centrist at best, Eran, so don't talk s§$% like above.

Another thing - Sharon is no dictator. He's "just" bending the laws of the Israeli democracy as far as he can without breaking them ... and as I mentioned in another post, the Israeli system gives the PM of the nation a helluva lot of power -- way too much in my opinion, and Sharon's actions as PM show the need for serious reforms, to prevent future abuse of the existing rules.

It's definitely not been in the intention of the founding fathers of Israel, that a PM could campaign on one platform, and after being elected, switch over to the absolute opposite of what he's previously been standing for, without any change in the circumstances and realities on the ground.

You could call this voter fraud, and of that Sharon is most definitely guilty - no matter what his intentions for coming up with the deportation plan might have been.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Eran said...

Oh no, that's was misunderstood.

Because of the protests ( that from some reasons are always mocked ), many people think of the settlers thisd way, and I tried to say that's a dirty lie.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

You probably meant to say that in the M$M ( main stream media ) of Israel and the West the "settlers" are always portrayed in a very negative light, which turns public opinion against them.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Eran said...

Yes, they always try to make them look as Barbarians.


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