Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why the disengagement is WRONG

Well, the Disengagement plan that'll go in few weeks, will be a wrong move for Israel. If we disengage, we'll give the Palestinians wgat they want - Israeli Defeat. Don't see me wrong, I don't support the fanatics who've sent children to riot, or fortified in a Hotel, but when I look on the plan, I see many mistakes.

1st - That's a victory to terror, and they'll just shut more on Israelis, they won't stop.
2nd - We give Egypt the rule on Tsir Philadelphy, and through there they give weapon to the Palestinians, and they won't stop giving to them, it's like giving the cat the rule over the milk.
3rd - Well, if we have a war with Egypt, they can invade straight into the heart of Israel and to cut the Negeb.

Well, that's why I disagree with that. The problem is that Ariel Sharon doesn't understand that he doesn't deal with ordinary people, he deals with fanatics, who are thirsty to Jewish blood, they don't want peace, and every time we've tried to make peace, they've lied to us, and not only Arafat. Why should we always try?
Why won't they lift a finger for it?


At 8:14 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

You've brought up an important point with the Philadelphi Road, Eran, which I actrually forgot to mention in my post about the Deportation Plan.

For those who don't know it:
That Philadelphi Road is the dividing strip between Gaza and Egypt, and currently controlled by the Israeli Defense Forces ( IDF ).

It's important that this road remains under Israeli control, as experience has shown time and again that the Egyptian soldiers don't mind if weapons and explosives for terrorists are being smuggled over the border into Gaza.

Only an Israeli presence on that road can prevent extensive smuggling of these deadly arms into the PA, and prevent further bloodshed on the streets of Israel.

And when I say blood-shed, I mean on both sides: Many "palestinian" Arabs died in the course of IDF anti-terror missions, as the cowardly terrorists always hide behind civilians - women and children preferrably, for the headlines in the news à la "IDF slaughters children !" ...

That way even their death is a propaganda victory for the PA.

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Eran said...

Well, they also send 10 years old to bomb themselves.


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