Monday, June 27, 2005

Why the Deportation of Jews is wrong - some unsorted thoughts

My stance on Sharon’s „disengagement plan“ ( read: forceful deportation plan ) is clear:

I'm opposed to it, as it would be rewarding terror.

And hence it will not bring peace, to the contrary.

The "intifadas" were not started to fight a couple of villages in Samaria or Judea, much less Gaza.

They are part of the larger effort to "drive the Jews into the sea" - the Arabs tried it with all the might of their well-funded armies ( of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi-Arabia ) multiple times, only to get a serious ass-whipping from the Israelis every single time – from the War of Independence to the Yom Kippur War.

After all these defeats, and esp. as Israel became a nuclear power, conventional war was no desirable option any more for the Arabs ... they changed their tactics, and started what’s basically a psychological war:

They claimed that the Arabs living in the formerly Egyptian and Jordanian areas of Israel, which were captured in the Six-Days-War in 1967 from said states, were a people of its won, the "palestinians."

By doing so, they changed the whole image of the region’s reality in the minds of the Western World: Israel used to be the David fighting against the Arab Goliath; now the roles were reversed, as the "palestinian" Arabs were a supposedly much smaller force.

Never mind that they are just a part of the 1,2 billion Arabs surrounding Israel, never mind that they are supported by them financially, diplomatically and ideologically, and never mind that these Arab states just use the "palestinian" Arabs to fight Israel by proxy, after their direct actions always resulted in desasters.

There is no "palestinian" people, it is an invention to gain sympathy in the West, and a means of justification for the terror war against Israel:

Would the West support them if they declared openly:

“We're killing the Jews cause we want the 23rd Arab-Moslem state to be created on Israel's soil, and the 54th moslem state ?

Well, perhaps - but the support would be much smaller than with the current line of propaganda:

"We're a people of our own, and we're so damn suppressed by these evil Jews colonialists ! We're just fighting for our freedom !"

There are no "palestinians", just Arabs ( until the mid-1960s, the term “Palestinian” was a synonym for Israelite, Jew ).

They want no "palestinian" state ( they believe in Arab Unity and the resurrection of the Islamic Caliphate ).

What they do want is the destruction of Israel ( this goal is propagated openly by the imams of the “palestinian” mosques, the official PA TV stations and its politicians incl. Mahmoud Abbas and his pre-decessor, Yassir Arafat ).

It's really that simple.

Watch some of the numerous authentic videos of and to verify my claim, and see it with your own eyes … I know the notion of such blatant hatred propaganda is unbelievable in our supposedly “enlightened” times – but the propaganda of the PA is real, and brainwashing the “palestinian” Arabs here and now, as you’re reading this. So watch at least some of these documents. Major newspapers like the British “The Guardian” have checked the translations at MEMRI and PMW for accuracy, only to find them absolutely correct.

Members of the PA, PLO, and other terror gangs have often admitted freely that they want to destroy Israel, nothing else, and that there are no "palestinian" people.

In an interview with a Dutch newspaper, the Amsterdam-based "[ Dagblad de Verdieping ] Trouw" ( comparable in reputation and role in the Netherlands to the TIMES in the UK, or the FAZ in Germany ), on March 31, 1977, PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein said:

"The Palestinian people does not exist.

The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel.

Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people. Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem.”

( )

And that is precisely what they do … to the “palestinian” terror leaders -- and that incl. of course Mahmoud Abbas, who’s head of the Fatah, after the Hamas the second-biggest terror gang in the PA – ALL of Israel is an illegal settlement. And ALL of Israel has to be destroyed, and the Jews killed or at least driven off it.

Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Acre are just as “illegal settlements” in their eyes as is Gush Katif. “Palestinian” school-children learn that there is no such thing as the state of Israel, only the “Zionist Entity”, a temporary nuisance of colonialist occupiers, which will soon be disrupted and be rendered history, in favor of a new Arab Moslem state.

The deportation of Jews from Gaza is just a small step on the road to that goal, though it will be perceived as a large ideological victory for terror. Israel will for the first time unilaterally withdraw from her lands - the PA is not involved in the plan ( with Sinai it was different, Egypt at least pretended to be a partner, and signed a peace treaty in exchange for the land. No such thing here ... in fact, the terror gangs have announced that the "cease fire" will be over after the Jews are driven out of Gaza ).


After the Arabs failed to destroy Israel with their armies, they tried it with subversion, historical revisionism, PR propaganda and terror, as I noted above.

The shocking thing about that is, that they were vastly successfull at that, to be sure. All the Western M$M ( with a few notable exceptions ), most of the major political parties of the Western democracies, the whole academia, jet-set and intelligentsia of the West has swallowed the “palestinian” propaganda hook, line and sinker. They only parrot what the PR men and “diplomats” of the PA tell them, and sell it as gospel truth. Examples of that are abundant, one shall suffice here: Remember the “massacre” of Jenin ? “Jeningrad”, as it was called by the M$M and PA officials ? Hundreds of people were supposed to have died in an “illegal IDF incursion” … Day after these news made the head-lines, an investigation team of the UN (!), Israel’s main enemy on the diplomatic floor, went into the site, only to find three-and-a-half dozen adult “palestinian” men, most of them armed terrorists, that had been killed by the IDF … no women, no children, no civilians at that.

That's one major reason why blogs like ours (SSSI) have become necessary, to counter all the unchecked media spin and give the truth a voice.

And though Israel has failed to win the struggle against subversion, propaganda, revisionism -- the struggle of the hearts and minds -- so far ( we’re trying to change that, as much of the antipathy against Israel stems from disinformation, the rest being good old anti-semitism ), the practical war on terror has made great progress just very recently:

In 2001, a bus was blown up every other week in Israel.

Today, they terrorists are lucky if they can bomb a bus every ½ year !

Still too much, but we’ve come a long way … and with the completion of the safety barrier ( the anti-terror fence ), the situation will improve further. Appeasing the terrorists while they're weak as never before (!) makes even less sense than zero, if that's possible. I can understand the urge to appease a mighty, seemingly undefeatable enemy, but one who's lying on the ground already ?!

Of course, rewarding terror should be a taboo as a general rule. We. Must. Not. Reward. Terror. No matter what, cause if we do, we give the terrorists an incentive to carry on, we vindicate their tactics of killing civilians on purpose. We show them, that terror pays. And we’ll get more terror in response. That’s why terror must never be rewarded, ever.

Some other, random thoughts:

+ the Terrorists are fighting to annihilate Israel, not Gush Katif ! And of course they will continue their killing Jews after they danced on the roofs of Gush Katif's Jewish villages !

+ Giving up anything for the sake of "appeasement" - ask Chamberlain how well that works - will only embolden the terrorists and give them access to new recruits, as they can say: "See, our method works ! Killing Jews helps us !" Their support within the "palestinians" will sky-rocket.

+ It is the "settlers" land. They bought it from the Israeli state, they own it. Israel got it thru conquest, in accordance with all laws and customs of warfare. That means: It was Egyptian/Jordanian public-owned land before, then Israel took possession of it. Not a single Arab was deprived of his property. They all were allowed to keep their houses and the land they personally possessed. They possess it still today, and always will. Nobody ( no person, only "states" ) owned the "settlers" land before, it was worthless desert and rocky hill-tops. The settlers came and made it bloom, and reaped the fruits they sowed. Where today green-houses stand, desert was before.

The Jews have not only every legal right to dwell on this land, every historic right additionally, but also every moral right to stay where they are.

The "palestinians" on the other hand have no claim to green-houses they never built, fields that were just sand before the Jews cultivated it skillfully, houses that are not their homes, and land which they never possessed.

+ The will of the people - see the latest polls, they're opposed to disengagement ( as more and more the people of Gush Katif get their message out thru grass-roots efforts: They go out and talk to the people, as the M$M in Israel ( Haaretz, Maariv, Yediot Achronot ) won't give them a fair treatment and present all opposed to disengagement as fanatic zealots ). But as everywhere, the M$M's grip on public opinion is slowly melting down ... :)

+ Equal standards should apply to all people, races, faiths, etc. on this Earth.

Deport the Jews from the PA ?

Fine, but then we should also deport the Arabs from Israel … currently there’s 7,000 Jews living in Gush Katif and other Gaza villages, another 250,000 in Judea and Samaria ( the “West Bank” [ of Jordan ] ) – same standards to all people, remember ?

That’s contrasted by the more than 1,000,000 Israeli Arabs ( with full citizen rights, plus some extra rights, benefits, and affirmative action thru Israel ) living in Israel.

If there was any sense of equality behind the “disengagement plan”, which drives Jews off their land and homes in Gaza ( and soon Samaria and Judea ? ),

these million Israeli Arabs should be driven off their lands and homes in return.

But nobody is even thinking about that … apparently, it is commonly accepted that Arabs can’t be forced to live side-by-side with a couple Jews,

But Jews are expected to live with 20% of Arab population in Israel ( Note: these are the Israeli Arabs, not the “Palestinians” ! ) … a population which is so rapidly growing thatjews will be outnumbered by mid-century in their own Jewish state !

So there you go … either “disengagement” on both sides, or on no side ! Anything else is racist.

+ The will of the people, once more:

The Israelis voted for Sharon, the hard-liner, the pro-settlement acitivist, the no-compromises guy, after they realized the damage of the Labor politicians appeasement policies.

This Sharon is dead now.

What we got now is a Sharon who prefers his own career and security to the future and security of Israel.

( You know Sharon was indicted for severe bribery -- and if found guilty, his career as politician would be over. Sharon struck a deal with the leftist establishment of the Justice system of Israel, which was basically: Disengagement for his personal immunity.

We must not allow Israel being thrown to the dogs for the sake of a criminal like Sharon !

Israel's future is way more important than Sharon's ! He'll be dead and gone in 10 years, Israel - hopefully - not !


There are several other reasons to oppose this evil deportation plan, which I barely mentioned here.

But one thing's for sure:

The “Disengagement Plan” must be stopped. It is dead-wrong, in its concept, justifications and future implications.

It would be absolutely detrimental to a secure Israel.

And that’s we’re fighting for.

Update I: David Singer, contributor for Israel National News, explains why the Deportation Plan is violating international laws and treaties, which Israel has signed:

Note: A couple more links, sources, images and quotes, and possibly paragraphs will be added to this post from time to time ... it shall serve as my ultimate manifesto for the preservation of Jewish lands in Jewish hands, and against rewarding terrorism.

I would appreciate critical comments or constructive input of any kind to develop these thoughts further.


At 6:10 PM, Blogger Ch. Arm said...

The most important reason for me is the fact of the answer of the question "Will it help the Arabs to kill Jews", `cause the answer will be yes after the Jews will leave their current homes.
Moreover, it wouldn`t surprise me that much if anyone will say let`s make the same with Jerusalem.
THat`s the problem with Appeasement. Once you`ve fed the cat, it wants more and more and more...

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

I'm afraid you're onto something there. The whole deportation plan was made against the objections of senior military leaders, who know what a strategic asset these villages are, and that, if they are abandoned, other towns in Israel proper will become the frontlines of the "palestinian" jihadd.

The IDF's chief of staff, Moshe Ya'alon, was retired over the issue, as he was the most outspoken opponent of the plan, and replaced with one of Sharon's lap dogs ...


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