Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Well, Ariel Sharon, the dictator of Israel

Ariel Sharon have sent 12 year old kids to Jail for protesting against him.
Where in the Modern World there's such a thing?!

Well, I don't agree parents send their kids there, but if you arrest some, arrest the Parents. Apparently also the Media goes with Ariel Sharon, at the Site Walla! they wrote that we should bulley the Settlers.
Well, Ariel Sharon, as many Generals that came to political power, you've became a Dictator.

You bastard, you dare arresting 12 year old kids and making propaganda of go kill the settlers?

How dare you?
I can't believe that Israel - my homeland will become a tyranny. If we'll have a civill war I promise I'll go against you.
How dare you treat the this way?

Isn't the expelling them is hard enough?

I can't believe that's on you, you who've saved Israel from Egytpt, became such a man. Well, as my Grandfather say: " A General should never be a politician... '' and untill today I didn't realize how right he was. You were a chief General at the IDF, and now you do this to your nation?

As I said, if we'll have a civill war I'll go against you!

Kol mi lehadonay Elay!


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

You know, that could happen to you as well, Eran. You could be the next teen boy arrested, with your orange gear and all. We're proud of you, young man. :)

PS: What's that in English ?

"Kol mi lehadonay Elay!" ?

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Eran said...

Well, he can't arrest 40% of the Israelis, but if I won't go blocking, I won't fight, but I'll make propaganda, and I'm already participating in such a plan.
Kol Mi Lehadonay Elay is what the Macabees said when they started the revolt, it means, everyone who's loyal to God ( it means in this context to the Jews ), go with me.


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