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The Temple Mount .... or: Jewish self-hatred in Israel

When I read this article ( ) today, I wasn't surprised.
However, most Westerners would be, as they never get the chance to read about the harsh reality in Israel:

Jews are heavily discriminated against by the Israeli state and its authorities.

Sounds incredible to your ears ? Well, it actually is ... but, incredibly enough, that is the way things are in Israel.
The public in the Western World, esp. in Europe, however doesn't get informed about this sad situation. It does not hear that the Jews cannot practice their faith freely in Israel, their ancient and modern homeland, like every other religious group. The main-stream media ( M$M ) barely ever mention the many restrictions on Jewish religious freedom and freedom of movement in "the Zionist Entity", as many Arabs call it.

The most outrageous example for Israel's discrimination against Jews is the closely restricted access to the Temple Mount. Though it is the geographical and cultural center of Judaism, and its undisputably most holiest site, Jews are barred from ascending it, except for a limited number of such small groups of visitors as the Waqf will permit.

The Waqf is the islamic authority which rules over the Temple Mount, and ironically it was set up by Israel after the Six-days-War in 1967. Far from being gracious towards its founders, the Waqf has worked ever since to limit Jewish access to the Temple Mount, and outlaw religious activity upon it -- it is e.g. forbidden for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, not to mention the holding of cermonies like a wedding. Whoever is being caught praying there will be arrested by the Israeli police, if he is a Jew, that is. If he is a moslem, he's free to pray loudly and as long as he pleases. That's considered PC-ness in Israel.

The visit of Ariel Sharon to the Jews ' holiest site was even used as a pretext for the second intifada ... you may remember that. What kind of world do we live in that Jews visiting Judaism's most holy site are considered a scandal ?!

The madness continues unabashed today:

Jerusalem Day: Temple Mount Violence, Singing, Dancing

As Jews await word as to whether they will be allowed to visit the Temple Mount today, the 38th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification, Arabs mounted a stoning attack, marring the celebrations.

Arutz-7 reporters at the entrance to the Temple Mount said that a small group of Jews was originally allowed to ascend this morning to that holy site, Judaism's most sacred location in the world. Within minutes, however, several Arabs ran out of the Dome of the Rock and attacked them with rocks. Police quickly overpowered the attackers, firing off about seven stun grenades, and arresting one Arab who attempted to jump on a visiting Jew. Two Jews were lightly hurt.

The police announced immediately afterwards that the situation had become volatile, and that Jews would not be allowed to visit the site until further notice. ...


So much about the "religion of peace (C)TM" - islam ... Jewish pilgrims to the Temple Mount are being attacked for visiting the site of their ancient Temple. Shouldn't the moslems rather behave humbly towards the Jews, after their ancestors erected two mosques on the ruins of the Temple ? Shouldn't they be thankful for being allowed not only to have unlimited access to the site, but rule the whole place via the Waqf ?

Of course they should, but clearly they are not.
Israel's PC-ness backfired heavily ... as it does wherever in the world it is applied.
Israel gave the moslems complete control of the Temple Mount -- without any need or sane justification ... but they are not contempt with that. They ridicule the Jews for their leniency, which they perceive as a sign of weakness and as an invitation for attack. If Israel wants to get along with the moslems, she's got to show some self-respect instead of self-hatred:

The Temple Mount is the most holy site of Judaism and it lies in the heart of the Jewish nation, physically, historically, culturally and psychologically.

The moslems claim that it was their 3rd-holiest site ... for whatever reasons. Probably for the golden cupola of the Dome of the Rock ?! The back-ground of this claim escapes my comprehension ... Jerusalem, though well-known as an ancient metropolis of the Middle East. is not mentioned once in the Quran, and much less the Mount Zion.

So why in L*rd's name should the Temple Mount be owned ( it comes down to that ) by moslems instead of Jews ?

According to the "logic" behind the current state of affairs, Mekka should be controlled by Jews, and the access of moslems there should be heavily restricted as well, and praying for moslems forbidden ...


This problem is symptomatic for Israel as a Western nation ... the lack of respect for the own culture, and the equally unjustified over-estimation of other cultures. ews have every reason to be proud of their cultural heritage as well as their modern nation of Israel -- and much more so than Christians do, or Moslems.

I hope they'll realize that at some point in time ... it would help to establish peace in the Middle East.
Show respect for yourself, don't retreat but defend your place - and others will respect you.
An age-old law of nature, that somehow seems to have been forgotten by the most civilised nations these days.

Israel should reclaim the Temple Mount as a Jewish site for a start, disband the Waqf, and open the mount to every peaceful visitor, no matter what religion.

To announce the building of the Fourth Temple upon it might help to teach the moslem extremists even more humility ... and signal that Israel was here to stay, and not to be swept away by another force of imperialism.
Maybe I'm day-dreaming now ... but that might be the single most helpful step to pacify the Middle East, and crush the ideology of pan-arabism and the resurrection of the caliphate.

The Western Wall ( also know as Wailing Wall ) of the Third Temple -- the Dome of the Rock in the background.


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Eran said...

If it would've depend on me, all those who stonned, would've been executed today.

And, I woudn't mind also if that's their attitude, to destroy ALAQSA, and rebuild the Temple.


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