Friday, June 17, 2005


Israel is unique in countless ways. No other modern nation can claim such ancient roots and traditions, which are still alive today. Jewish culture and religion reaches back more than 5,000 years, which arguably makes modern Israelis the oldest people in the world. Despite severe hardships in the diaspora, Jews succeeded to preserve their ancient cultural heritage thru more than 2,000 years of forced exile - a remarkable feat.

When the modern nation of Israel was declared in 1948 on its ancient grounds, that rich and old tradition became a major part of the Israeli identity, and the latest concepts of government and technology merged with the religion of Judaism and Jewish traditions and customs, which had 'always' existed ... and led to the successful rebirth of Israel.

The national language spoken in Israel today, Hebrew
( besides Arabic, which serves as second official language of Israel ), is perhaps the most remarkable symbol for the ideological revival of the Israelites:
Hebrew was a dead language before the late 19th century. Nobody spoke it anymore.
The Zionists reconstructed the language from historic copies of the Torah written in Hebrew, and nowadays there are more than 6 million active speakers of Hebrew worldwide.

Out of ancient roots, new life evolves ... this could be the motto of the high-tech state of Israel.

There's almost a notion of immortality connected with Israel's history ... against all odds, her people always survived.

And just a few days ago, another symbol for the eternal life of Israel sprung up thru the earth:

Ancient date palm seeds have been found on the archaeological site o
f Mount Masada ... and their age was verified by the University of Zurich, which showed that they were more than 2,000 years old !

And a Jewish biologist planted one of the seeds on the Jewish
festival of trees, and against all predictions by experts of Israeli universities, it sprouted and began to grow a seedling !

The ancient Israelites called their native date palm the "tree of life" ... a well-earned title, as this historic experiment proves: It is the oldest seed ever brought to growth, as the record was until recently held by a 1,000 year old lotus seed.

With a little luck, it might be possible to gather numerous new seeds from the ancient seedling, once it is evolved to a full tree ... and in case that it is a female seed, as date palms got male and female seeds, and only the females bear fruit. Then it might beome possible to succesively replace the Californian-imported date palms which grow nowadays in Israel with the native trees of the region, as they were grown in the times of the kingdoms of Israel and Judea.

May this seedling be an inspiration for the people of Israel, in Tel Aviv as well as in Gush Katif.
The Good will prevail in the end.

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