Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Psychological Factor

As my fellow co-blogger and latest member to SSSI, Franklin D. Rosenfeld, observed correctly in his first post ( ) on this blog, psychology plays a major role in the Jewish-Islamist* conflict (* aka Israeli-Arab conflict, but that term is problematic in my opinion, since only a minority of Arabs are islamists, and 1/5 of the Israelis are Arabs ).

I think it is important to hinder the hate-mongering terror gangs on the "palestinian" Arab side in all of their actions as best as possible, for two reasons:
1. the very practical aspect of obstructing the physical spread of propaganda
and, more important still: 2. to show who's boss in the house.
Israel should make life very difficult for these racist islamists, according to the motto:

No tolerance for the intolerant !

The cancelling of that demonstration is a microscopic success ... achieved thru a simple declaration of strength.

Now, being unable to march in lockstep in the open with their weaponry and banners, these terrorists feel weak, and appear weak to their "palestinian" Arab peers as well. It's an Israel-induced nose-dive in their carefully constructed reputation. And at the same time, Israel will, ironically enough, rise in their estimation thru her proposal to use force against her self-declared enemies.

Sadly force - or the proposal of the use thereof - is the only language these thugs understand.

We have to keep in mind that islam, and esp. its perverted form, islamism, is an extreme macho-culture: It's all about men and manlyhood, and manly honor - or at least the pretense thereof, as I dunno what's manly or honorable about murdering defenseless civilians, even school kids and babies in public places, busses, and even their homes.

The islamists, like predators, back off from a "victim" which appears strong and is ready, able and willing to defend itself.

And they attack every victim which appears weak ... the terror record shows that the jihadis preferrably target civilians, and amongst civilians especially women and children ( ), as the least resistence, and the maximum, morally most devastating impact upon the Israeli society is expected to come from slaughtering these "soft targets".

If Israel would really go hard after the terrorists, or would have done so ten years ago, terror would soon cease or already have ceased - almost. There would be two, three or four attacks per year, still ... instead of hundreds.

But Israel is continually sending signals of "weakness," which encourage the terrorists and their leaders and tell them that they're on the right track to achieving their goals ...
The IDF doesn't go after the terrorists aggressively enough ( it takes dozens of individual terror attacks, to trigger a single IDF anti-terror mission in response ), the Hamas and Co. are allowed to stage huge demonstrations in the open, with hundreds of terrorists, each of them armed to the teeth, and it's no secret that the Hamas controls Gaza, and Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah and Islamic Jihad are part of the PA government and body.

This must end.

The rats have to be driven back into the holes they emerged from decades ago ... I doubt that this incident foreshadows a coming practice, esp. under the Sharon admin., but let's hope so.

A strong and proud Israel would be in the interest of all sides involved in the ongoing conflict, not least the "palestinian" Arabs themselves, who would be freed from the iron grip of the terror gangs onto their society, and finally be able to live a life free of oppression by a terrorist government, systematic intimidation and theft by gangs of terrorist thugs and the constant brainwashing indoctrination applied by both to them. And it would be a major step towards the independence which they pretend to seek - with the end of terror, IDF-conducted anti-terror missions on PA soil would no longer be necessary. It's up to the "palestinian" Arabs to control their terrorist elements, and gain independence from Israel as a reward. The thugs currently ruling the PA, led by Mahmoud Abbas, however, are not willing to take any such steps ... ( ).

To bring peace to Israel, the "palestinian" Arabs have to be freed first from these malicious elements, who have high-jacked their society with the help of the former colonial power Great Britain and, yes, even thru the help of the Adolf Hitler ( ).

As George W. Bush remarked in one of his brighter moments ( I really sometimes wonder whether the leftists are correct, when they say he's a moron ), the best - and only - guarantee for the survival of existing democracies is the spread of the democratic culture, worldwide.

Unless the Arab states surrounding Israel become democratic and open societies, there will be no peace in the Middle East. It takes two to tango, as they say ... and the PA of today is simply not interested in peace.


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