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"Palestinian" Schools: Places of Indoctrination

We wished that the Arabs would treat their Jewish neighbours with respect instead of stones, bullets and rat-poisoned explosives.
We wished that Jews could live as freely, securely and comfortably in Arab countries, as Arabs can live in the Jewish nation of Israel.
We all wished that there was peace and understanding in and around Israel , between the Jews and the Arabs.

Maybe that longing for peace, which is good in itself, has deluded many people to set their hopes for a better future in wordy treaties and shallow talks like Oslo, 1993, and all that followed up to Camp David/Taba 2001.

But, as John F. Kennedy correctly noted,

"Peace does not lie in charters and covenants alone,
It lies in the hearts and minds of the people."

I would even go further, and say that peace lies exclusively in the hearts and minds of people -- and all kinds of treaties and documents can only express their will to get along with one another peacefully.

And that's precisely where the "peace process" failed:

The international community tried to turn the natural way of things on its head with a "peace from above", a peace that was rejected by the "palestinian" Arab leaders and large parts of the "palestinian" Arab society. While Israel made concession after concession ( establishing the PA, arming it with Israeli rifles and technology, flying Arafat from his Tunisian exile back to the newly created PA, appointing him as chairman of said PA, etc. ... ), as the Israelis were ready and willing to compromise for peace, the other side ignored the requirements and duties bestowd upon them by the Oslo Accords and the following treaties, which all went along the lines of "Israel will give the "palestinian" people this and this and that, and get peace in return."

What Israel actually got was war, unprecedented terrorism on her soil, committed by the people who had just received magnanimous Israeli donations of all sorts.

It takes two to tango, as they say, and Israel had, and has until today, no partner for peace .

The PA leaders and clerics want war, large parts of the "palestinian" people are indoctrinated enough to follow their leaders unconditionally, and the coming generations of "palestinian" Arabs don't promise a better future, either.
They're being brainwashed by the ruling thugs, and systematically so, starting at the earliest age, in schools and kindergartens, to hate "the Other," that is the West and above all the Jews.

The Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace ( http://www.edume.org/ ) explores why the hearts and minds of Arabs appear to be made of stone and wood. They focus on evaluating Arab text-books, and how "the other" ( everything non-Arab, esp. Western and Jewish in the context of Israel ) is being portrayed to the young students, from 1st grade children up to 11th grade adolescents.

Their findings are revealing, and should alarm all those who always blame the lack of progress in the "peace process" on Israel:

In their Oct. 2004 report on "palestinian" Arab text-books ( http://www.ecomtrade.co.il/eMall/shops/1559/imgbank/PA%20Report%20-%20August%202004.pdf ), they found out that ... ( I quote almost the entire summary of the study below )

Judaism as a religion is hardly referred to and no adequate
information is given to the Palestinian student about it, except that
the Torah was given by God to Moses.

The Israelite or Jewish past in the Holy Land is ignored, except for
a brief negative description of the attitude of the Jews to Jesus
Christ from an Islamic point of view. A list of historical periods
fails to mention the centuries of their statehood in the country,
leaving a gap between the years 1200-586 BCE. In further
diminution of the Jewish presence in the land, the Palestinian
textbooks “Arabize” the Canaanites and Jebusites and prolong
their presence until the Muslim conquest, while making all other
ethnic elements in the country “transient waves” of foreign
invaders and “an anomalous exception to logic and reality”.

• The Jews are referred to in the context of their wars with Prophet
Muhammad, where they are depicted in an unfavorable light, as
violators of a treaty they had signed with him and as employers of

There are no references to the Jews of modern times in this latest
issue of textbooks, and the trend noted in the earlier reports of not
counting the 5.5 million Jewish citizens of Israel as legitimate
inhabitants of the land continues. They are not included in any of
the figures of the local population.

Zionism – the Jewish national movement – is presented as a
colonialist movement that planned from its very inception to expel
the Palestinians from their land. Zionism is said to endanger the
Arab states and portrayed as an influential factor in the USA,
especially in presidential election campaigns.

• The systematic non-recognition of any Jewish holy place as such in
the Holy Land continues in this latest issue of textbooks. All holy
places in the country that are mentioned in the textbooks are either
Muslim or Christian. Even if some of them are holy to the Jews as
well, they are never mentioned as such.

Israel is not recognized as a sovereign state, except once – in the
context of the Oslo Accord that was signed between Israel and the
PLO. Its name does not appear on any map, save in a series of three
maps in the atlas showing boundaries in the 1937 Partition Plan, on
which it is called “The Jewish Zone”, the 1947 Partition Resolution
and the 1949 armistice lines, on both of which it is named “the
Jewish State”. Palestine, instead, is represented as the sovereign
state in the region, encompassing Israel’s territory in many cases.
Israeli regions, cities and sites are presented as Palestinian and
wherever a reference to Israeli territory is to be made,
circumlocutions such as “the lands of 1948” or “the Green Line”
are used instead.

Israel’s image is wholly negative: It has usurped the land of
Palestine; it is oppressive and aggressive; it occupies Palestine and
inflicts physical and mental harm on the Palestinians; it violates
human rights; it attempts to obliterate the Palestinian national
No objective information is given to the student about

Israel as a neighboring state.
No Israeli is depicted as an ordinary

human being.

The discussion of the conflict is incomplete and biased. It is
described as a confrontation between an oppressive force – Zionism
backed by Imperialism – and its victims – the Palestinians. Nothing
is said in the textbooks about the UN Partition Resolution of 1947
and about the Arabs as the initiators of the war in rejection and
defiance of that resolution. No attempt is made to understand the
motives of the opponent, and it is never depicted as a legitimate
party with its own rights and interests.

• Accordingly, the refugee problem of 1948 is presented as the
outcome of a premeditated plan by Zionism and British Imperialism
to expel the Palestinians from their land. The contribution of the
Arab side to the emergence of this problem is never discussed. No
solution to the problem is suggested or contemplated other than the
return of the refugees (or, rather, their descendants) to their former
homes inside today’s Israel. The objective difficulty in the
implementation of such a solution is ignored.

Jerusalem (that is, historical Jerusalem within the walls) is
presented as an Arab city from time immemorial. Its Jebusite
founders are Arabized and the Israelite or Jewish historical ties to
this city, both national and religious, are not mentioned. The only
connection that the Jews have to it, according to the PA textbooks,
is as foreign occupiers, from whom it should be liberated. Though
said to be holy to the monotheistic religions, the Jewish holy places
in the city are never mentioned as such. Nor is the present status of
Jerusalem as Israel's capital mentioned. Instead, it is declared to be
the capital of Palestine.

The Palestinian liberation struggle is perceived as a violent and
bloody operation with a strong religious emphasis on the liberation
of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. [ Note by Axel_Bavaria: That mosque, along with the Dome of the Rock, is already "liberated" in any possible moslem sense, as it and the mount upon which it stands -- the holy Jewish Temple Mount -- is entirely controlled by the Arab Waqf. ] The exact geographical extent of the areas that are to be liberated from Israeli occupation is never clearly

Jihad and martyrdom are still exalted as ideals, though to some
lesser extent than in the earlier books. In line with earlier practice,
terrorist activity against Israel is not openly supported or discussed.
But individuals who were killed or imprisoned as a result of such
activity are defined as martyrs and prisoners-of-war, respectively.

• Unlike the earlier reports, this one includes a chapter about the PA
books’ attitude to the West in modern times, an issue not dealt with
before by the textbooks. Western Imperialism is presented as the
source of major problems encountered by the Arab world today.
Apart from that, no other information is given to the student about
the West in the textbooks of this latest issue.

The summary of the study concludes, that:

All these findings indicate that the school textbooks lately published by the
Palestinian Authority, much like their predecessors, do not conform to the
criteria set by UNESCO and CMIP regarding the proper attitude to the
“other” and to peace." (...)
( End of summary )

No wonder that these "palestinian" kids dream of becoming a "martyr" and kill loads of these evil greedy Jews on their way to the 72 virgins each. All they're told about Jews and the nation of Israel is lies, half-truths, misrepresentations, and propaganda by plain omission - they get a completely warped imagination of the world, with themselves as the eternal victims of malevolent "Others", above all the Jews andf the West, which is said to be controlled by the Jews.

There will be no peace around Isarel as long as Jews are systematically dehumanized in Arab propaganda. The hearts and minds of even the youngest "palestinian" Arabs are corrupted thru this hate-mongering bullshit, and it would take decades of honest education efforts to overcome the damage done.


At 7:53 PM, Blogger Eran said...

Well, I've read the Oslo Agreement, it's more a submitting agreement then an agreement both side can benefit.
Rabbin decided to give Jerusalem, so maybe he has forgotten his Judaism. Well, that's why I don't cry for Rabbin, I cry for the Israeli Democracy.


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