Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Palestinian" Gratitude

"Palestinian" Gratitude

Bombing of Israeli Hospital by "palestinian" Arab patient thwarted

A 21-year old Arab woman from Gaza, who had been treated in an Israeli hospital for massive burns she received as a result of a gas tank explosion, was apprehended yesterday at the Erez Crossing wearing "explosive pants." She said she had been directed to carry out her suicide attack inside the crowded Israeli hospital.

The woman, Wafaa Samir Ibrahim Bass, had been given permission to cross the Gaza lines yesterday for admission to Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva for continued medical treatment for her facial scars. "The terrorist infrastructure took advantage of her medical condition," read an IDF statement, "in order to carry out a major suicide bombing attack inside Israel."

The resident of Jabaliya aroused the suspicion of the IDF soldiers at the crossing, who placed her in a side room for further checking via camera. During her security check, when she realized that the soldiers had discovered the explosive belt on her body, she attempted unsuccessfully to detonate it.
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So what did the evil Jews do to her to make her so angry at them ? You know, there's got to be something ! Didn't the nurses at the hospital treat her nicely enough ? Maybe it's because she wasn't paid to get her life saved by the Jews, she just got the medical treatment for free - or better: At the expense of the Israeli taxpayers, some of whom she tried to murder soon afterwards. Or what else could have angered her so much, as to make her want to blow up Jews ?

There is nothing. Israel is once again showing her incredible sense for humanity and compassion for even those who want to destroy her. Medical passes which permit "palestinian" Arabs to cross freely into Israel and be treated there at the expense of the Israeli taxpayers are being issued by the hundreds every day. The hospital bomber is just one out of numerous other "palestinian" Arabs who benefit daily from Israeli medical care, for free.

And she's not the first patient to repay the love and care she received from Jews with hatred and death:

Hamed A-Karim Hamed Abu Lihiya of Jabaliya was arrested on December 20, 2004 by Israeli security forces. He was allowed through the Erez Crossing by virtue of forged documents claiming that he was a cancer patient in need of medical treatment from an Israeli hospital. He confessed in his questioning that he had been smuggled through Erez as a "sleeper" agent of the Hamas terror organization four months before. Abu Lihiya He was to have been joined by an additional terrorist, after which the two would receive weaponry and carry out the attack with the help of terrorist aides inside Israel.

In another incident, Hassan Ahmed Ali Tom of the Gaza-based El Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror organization was arrested by security forces six months ago. He crossed into Egypt through the Rafiah crossing after presenting medical documents which allowed him entry, and was later caught by Israeli forces after he attempted to infiltrate into the Negev. He admitted during his interrogation that he had intended to murder an Israeli citizen and bury his body, as well as to sabotage the train rails near Netanya using an explosive device which he was to receive from Fatah elements.
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Israel would not need to issue any such permits - the "palestinian" Arabs in Gaza and Samaria and Judea got their own hospitals. Only their quality standards are worse than those of the Israeli hospitals - which is exclusively the PA's fault. You would think that with the massive subsidies and donations they get every year from the USA ( biggest donator worldwide to the PA ), Europe, and Israel amongst many other nations it should be possible to set up a functioning medical infrastructure. But apparently, the money is being spent otherwise ( Arafat diverted US$900 million in public money to special account - article from AP, a full copy here: )


How do the media treat this story, which contradicts everything they are used to tell their readers and listeners ?
They do what's easiest, they simply chose to ignore it, as former undersecretary to US President Ronald Reagan and candidate for Republican Presidential nominee, Gary Bauer, correctly observes:

”Ignoring the story meant not having to cover comments the female-terrorist made in a rare army supervised press conference in which she revealed what her mission was and who sent her. "I believe in death," she said on Israeli TV. "All my life I have been preparing to be a martyr. Mother, please forgive me for failing in [my] mission." Sentiments not exactly consistent with the line long peddled by the liberal media, and more recently even by the Bush administration, that Israel is the obstacle to "peace."

And those who do report the story, like AP, try to spin it in a desperate attempt to put the blame on the Israeli side, or at least to make the evil "palestinian" Arab woman appear somewhat more humane:

In its article ( ), AP quotes her as saying: "Forgive me, mother." Now compare that to the boldened, complete quote six lines above: "All my life I have been preparing to be a martyr. Mother, please forgive me for failing in [my] mission." The AP falsification of her actual words suggests to Westerners that she begs her mother for forgiveness for her attempted murder of innocent humans, while from the actual quote it is unmistakeably clear that she meant: "Forgive me for failing to kill these damn Jews !" - Just the opposite of what's implied.

After describing her sobbing and raving in a press conference arranged by the IDF extensively -- AP desperately tries to show off the "human side" of the wannabe-Jew-mass-murderess --, the article continues:

In a separate interview with foreign reporters, she asserted that she had undergone treatment at a Gaza hospital for her burns, where someone apparently planted the explosives on her body without her knowledge.

"I did not intend to carry out an attack," she said, at which point Israeli security officials told reporters she was lying.

But as is stated in the very same article, she carried 22 pounds ( or 11kg ) of explosives hidden on her body !
Not even Manhattan's McDonald's darling, mass-burger-killer Mickey Moore ( ) would fail to notice 22 pounds of added weights in his pants. And how come she tried to detonate the explosives after they were discovered by the IDF ? After all, she didn't know they were there, according to her pretense ?

To top it all off, she then tried another line of defense

"I didn't kill anyone. Do you think they will forgive me? Do you think they will give me any mercy?" she asked. "I hope they show me mercy. I didn't kill anyone."

Yeah right. You didn't kill anyone, but it evidently wasn't for lack of trying. FOXnews, as the only broadcaster in the world, aired the video tape of the surveillance camera at the check-point, which clearly shows her pushing the detonator, when her explosives are uncovered. And she would have done that in the midst of a crowded hospital if given the chance, killing doznes of civilians. Only the professionalism of the IDF, and the failure of her detonator prevented any carnage.

But don't worry, dear bomber, you'll get your second chance at blowing up Jews real soon, I'm afraid:

Israel got the bad habit of releasing hundreds of terrorists from Israeli prisons at once, and that happens every few months, as a "gesture of good-will" ... as happened barely three weeks ago, when almost 400 ( four hundred ! ) convicted terrorists were released at once, to resume their fight against the evil Jews and their "Zionist Entity" ( )

A woman terrorist will be among the first to be released the next time ... besides, there's prominent Israeli (!) support for her, coming from the Israeli branch of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR):

[It] has issued a mild statement in response to yesterday's thwarted Palestinian terror attack inside a crowded Israeli hospital.

PHR is a left-wing organization which states that it "has and will continue to work against the occupation." The organization stated yesterday that it "calls upon the Palestinian society and its leaders to strongly condemn the use of patients for violent purposes." The statement was issued "in response to the reports in the media that a patient used her travel permit which was issued to her for medical reasons, in order to attempt to attack an Israeli hospital, in a place full of people."

So killing Jews [ "to end the occupation" - which was brought about in the first place by a united Arab attempt to kill the Jews - ] is alright with the Israeli PHR, but please, let us work in our hospitals without such annoying intrusions. Leave our existing patients alone and rather bring us new patients !
Yeah, come to think about it, it's natural for physicians to support those who guarantee paid work for them. Would the terror cease, how many of them would be possibly laid off ? A catastrophe ! Thank Allah we got our brothers from the various "martyrs brigades" making sure we're needed.
I doubt that would have been in the sense of Hippokrates.


At 3:33 PM, Blogger Eran said...

Well, that just teach us excatly what we deal with, we got to execute those murderers. No other way.

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

Locking them up for life would help as well, for starters ... Israel need not introduce the death penalty.

But letting them out in waves of several hundreds every six months is an outrage.


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