Saturday, June 25, 2005

Off-Topic: Use alternative browsers !

This site - as many others - is best viewed with an "alternative" browser, as I've just found out:
My latest post displays errors with Internet Explorer, but works fine with Mozilla.

Recommendable alternative browsers are the Mozilla 1,7,8 and the newer Firefox, currently available as version 1,0,4, which can be downloaded here:
They're open-source projects, that means countless developpers all over the world use their spare-time to work on these browsers, for the sake of it. And they'll spare you a lot of virus attacks, which are mostly desgned to high-jack the standard browser used by most people, the MS Internet Explorer.

Defintiely check them out.

Another, ad-financed alternative might be the Opera browser, if you can live with a small live-ad window ...


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