Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The enemy within …

It’s very frustrating to be a supporter of the nation of Israel these days.

Since its creation, Israel’s neighboring Arab states have been hostile towards her, and waged many wars against “the Zionist Entity.” Public opinion and state policies of large parts of the Western World soon turned against the “Jew of nations” as well, since the 1960s witnessed the Soviet-sponsored rise of the “alternative” left into the higher institutions of society ...

That’s become the normal state of affairs, and it wouldn’t even bother me too much if it was only Israel versus the rest of the world. History has shown that if Israel stands united, God is on her side, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome. The brave men and women of this tiny nation defeated multiple invading Arab armies at the same time, repeatedly. They succeeded to defend their nation despite their lack of men-power and modern technology. The Arabs always had more tanks, more planes, more soldiers, and the better equipment on their side, esp. in the War of Independence in 1948, when they declared war on Israel the very day after she was born … the Arabs lost all wars nevertheless.

But these days, Israel is fighting not only foes from outside, but also enemies within the nation itself. I’m not even talking about the more than one million Israeli Arab citizens, who are increasingly found to be siding with the terrorist gangs of the PA ( ), though this is a baffling development that also needs to be addressed soon.

The currently most dangerous enemy of the Jewish nation is neither an Arab or Moslem state – they all know that trying to invade a now nuclear Israel again would be a stupid idea -, nor is it the islamist terror gangs à la Hamas, Islamic Jihad or Arafat’s Fatah – they all have been less and less “successful” ( ) in the recent years, as the anti-terror fence ( ) got steadily completed.

Israel is endangered by Arab militarism as well as islamist terrorism as we speak, and both are not to be underestimated as possibly lethal threats, that might become imminent again in no time.

The most dangerous threat to the nation of Israel, however, is posed by a single person these days, namely Ariel Sharon.

This man has done major damage to the democratic culture of Israel which may prove to be irreparable without major reforms of the whole executive, legislative and judicative of the state. People have lost confidence in democracy, since Sharon – until one, two years ago known as a staunch supporter of Israeli villages in the areas Israel gave to the PA in Oslo, 1993, and even celebrated as a war hero for his role in defense of Israel during the Yom Kippur War, has made a 180-degree turn politically, and suddenly begun advocating the very policies he had fought against during all his life.

He, and his party, were elected on a clear platform of fighting terrorism and defending Israeli interests remorselessly, after the people had realized the incredible damage done by all the appeasement towards Abu Ammar, aka Yassir Arafat, and his terror gangs since the Oslo Accords in 1993 ( ).

Sharon and his Likud party made clear that they wouldn’t commit the same mistakes as their predecessors in government, and the people trusted his word, and elected him.

A few years ago, serious charges of bribery ( ) were brought up against Sharon by the Israeli justice system – charges which were true, and sufficient to end Sharon’s career as a politician forever. But Sharon, instead of stepping down from his office and awaiting the trial struck a deal with the leftist establishment of Israel’s justice system. He let himself be blackmailed – Sharon would have to go ahead and implement the very policies he always fought against: Appeasing the terrorists thru a unilateral ethnic cleansing of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, known as the “disengagement plan.” ( , 16th April 2004 ), and in exchange for that favor he was to keep his career as the authorities were to drop the charges on the excuse that there was not “sufficient evidence” ( , 15th June 2004) just two months after the disengagement plan was announced.

Coincidence ? I don’t think so.

Sharon is now preparing the expulsion of Jews from their land and homes and work places, while he was elected to do the contrary.

The people’s faith in the Israeli brand of democracy is seriously disrupted ( ). They gave the advocates of appeasement and expulsion aka disengagement a resounding defeat in the last elections, where the Likud party won 38 seats versus the Labour party’s 19 seats – exactly twice as many votes for a strong, self-confident Israel versus the terror-rewarding approach.

Now the vote of the people is being turned on its head – the policies they so clearly rejected ( disengagement was the major campaign point of the Labour party’s leader Amram Mitzna in the run-up to the elections ) are being implemented right now !

That’s crazy !

A single man, Ariel Sharon, who’s hell-bent on keeping his ass out of jail and upon the PM seat, and forsaking all his principles and values, and all he personally ever stood for, for this base purpose, high-jacked the government of a whole nation and leads it down the way to destruction and civil war.

This shows not only what a common character this thug Sharon is, it shows that the Israeli system of executive, legislative and judicative can be controlled by a very small elite and steered the course they want, even if that is diagonally opposed to the vote of the people.

So what’s left of democracy in Israel ?

Elections alone don’t make a democracy.

If the result is ignored by those in power, or the people are not given alternative choices, or if they are intimidated by those in power, or if their elected representatives are not being given real power etc., then elections are meaningless. Saddam held elections, Castro does so, even the mullahs of Teheran will hold elections soon … these elections are all meaningless. Their outcome was always clear from the start.

The Israeli people must feel these days as if they were living in a rogue state.

Even if new elections were to be held over the controversial issue of “disengagement,” after Sharon’s Likud party changed their course by 180-degrees, whom should they vote FOR ?!

They voted for Likud last time since the party promised to keep the villages in Gaza,

And they did not vote for Labour since that party was advocating such a disengagement.

Whether they vote for the one or the other big people’s party, their vote is lost, as the politicians will do whatever they please and ignore the will of the sovereign, the people, as it seems to them. This is no meaningful democracy anymore, where politicians can change the platforms on which they’ve been elected completely, in defiance of the people’s will … it’s a mess which will turn bloody all too soon. Terrorism will get a huge boost out of the disengagement, like it got a huge boost out of the creation of the PA thru Israel in 1993. Since 1993, when Israel began to make huge donations ( the term “concessions” does not even fit here ) to the “Palestinian” Arabs, more Jews have died thru terrorist attacks ( January 1st, 1993 – June 7th 2005: a total of 1231 Israelis killed by terror attacks ) than in the 30 years before ( the period from 1967 to Oslo 1993 saw “only” 477 Israelis killed ) !

Statistically, barely 19 Israelis died p.a. in terror attacks before Oslo between 1967 and 1993.

Since Oslo, that figure was multiplied: Between 1993 and today, almost 103 Israelis have been murdered per year, on average.

( Sources: Victims, all named, since 1993: / Victims since 2000, all named: / 1967 to Oslo 1993 ( and beyond ): ) This is what appeasement brings about, as demonstarted above, terrorism exploded after the Oslo Accords that created the largely sovereign PA.

The Israelis have learned this lesson the hard way.

Israel’s “elites” though have apparently not learned anything – or do they seek to destroy their own state deliberately, ignoring the will of the people to the contrary ?

While the whole world is witnessing a democratic revolution – the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, the democratization of Afghanistan and Iraq, reforms being proposed in many Arab countries ( though we’ll have to see whether they’re serious about that ), Israel’s democracy goes down the gutter..

High time for the Orange Revolution in Israel !

Power to the people !

And indeed, Israel’s very own “Orange Revolution” is steadily and increasingly building up steam … more on that soon.



At 3:49 PM, Blogger Eran said...

Well, in case the Muslims will try to invade again to Israel, the PA will be as a Trojan Horse.

If they will, the PA will be their base inside Israel, and that's why we shouldn't retreat from there, and if we regrettebly do, we'll be have to leave an army on the borders.

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

This is just in:

New Book: Disengagement Rooted in Sharon's Fear of Prosecution
13:38 Jun 16, '05 / 9 Sivan 5765

Two veteran journalists, based on talks with persons very close to the Prime Minister, say that the Disengagement Plan was hatched up simply to avoid Sharon's indictment in the Greek Island scandal.



What I've been saying all the time ...

Eran, that's true, but technically it would not be a new situation compared to the borderlines prior to the Six-Days-War, when the so-called PA areas, that have been given by Israel to the Arabs in Oslo 1993, was simply part of Egypt ( Gaza ) oand Jordan ( "West Bank", that is Samaria and Judea ).

The main practical security concern with the unilateral disengagement plan is - the psychological boost and vindication of terror aside - that Israel proper will become the target of future attacks by terrorists operating from within the PA. They'll stand comfortably on the hilltops, which are currently secured by Jewish villages, and fire their Kassam rockets over the border onto towns in Israel, like S'derot.


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