Monday, June 06, 2005

About these "settlements" ...

The M$M always refer to the Jewish people living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria ( the three areas, together with the Golan Heights, comprise Yesha - the latter two, Judea and Samaria, are nowadays known as the so-called "West Bank" -- in the sense that it used to be the western part of Jordan from the War of Independence ( 1948 ) until the Six-Days War, when the territory was captured by Israel in an act of self-defense ) as "settlers," and continue to call their villages "settlements."

The connotation of these words is of course that these villages are newly established, on ground which had either not been inhabited before, and that they are of a temporary nature, like army camps, which might be disbanded at short notice.

It is furthermore often implied that the "settlers" were a bunch of militant and fanatically religious subjects, who occupied land which didn't belong to them and deprived poor and peaceful Arabs ( "known as "palestinians" ) living in the neighbourhood of their land.

Both assumptions are wrong.

The "settlers" are neither particularly religious, nor violent -- and they didn't "steal " any land from their Arab neighbours either. The average "settler" moved to his place of residence for practical motives - houses in Israel proper are unaffordable for many young families - or cause they wanted their kids to grow up in a quiet rural
environment rather than overcrowded and dangerous cities. Or simply cause they like the landscape ...

They came there to live there. Their kids were born and raised there, they built beautiful houses and set up blooming gardens where nothing but rocky desert used to be before. They cultivated the land, made it bear fruit where nothing had grown before. Through determination and ingenuity, they succeeded to make the desert bloom - literally. Drop irrigation, the most effective and environmentally friendly way to water crops, was thought out, tested and developped by Israeli "settlers." We owe countless other agrarian inventions, many of them as revolutionary, to these diligent people.

The Jewish villages in Yesha are an asset to the PA as well ...
Gush Katif, the biggest bunch of Jewish villages in Gaza, provides not only Jews, but hundreds of "palestinians" with job -- it's similar with the other Jewish villages.

Have a short look at how Ganei Tal, a small "settlement" in Gaza actually looks like and what sort of people live there ... Arutz-7 TV Correspondent David Miller made a nice little video clip about it. ( 100k version ) ( 300k version )

No scary settlers there ... how the ethnic cleansing of Gaza's Jews is supposed to bring about peace, i.e. stop islamistic terrorists from killing Jews in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv for the hell of it, escapes me.


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