Monday, May 30, 2005

The Next World War

During these days, I'd rather say we stand in the way of the third World War, instead of Global Peace. But these time, not with Germany, But with the Muslims. Why? The answer is simple, one word. Jihad. Jihad already brought death to over 1000 innocent Israeliu citizens, and the cause for this Intifada was Ariel Sharon's visit to the Western Wall. Is that a reason to declare war? If yes, we head toward a Global War. Well, it'll become Global with time. It'll probably begin as a conflict between Iran and Israel. Iran's army isn't my fear - her nukes are. Then they might become a regional Empire on this way, if we keep doing nothing. Their Nukes are already capable of reaching Paris! So, shouldn't it be a goal for the Europeans to fight against them? For those who support Diplomacy, the Iranians respond with " Allah Hua Akbar ". So we better go to war to prevent another. If Iran will get nukes, she'll go to the side of Pakistan, and that's will probably lead to an alliance between Israel and India. There arte evidences that Iran gave Nuclear Technology to Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, not mentioning Syria. So, is the next Islamic/Jewish war will become Nuclear War? Well, Gentelmen, History repeats itself. World War One in Nuclear Style. The Islamic alliance against the Western Alliance. Of course, they'll try to reunite the Islamic countries to create a Caliphate, then, the only thing thay will saparate the African part of the Caliphate from his Asian side is Israel.... Dear Lord, I pray I'm wrong!


At 7:57 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

My fellow co-blogger,

you raise some interesting points.

I disagree however strongly with the common notion as presented by the M$M ( Main $tream Media ) that it was the Temple Mount visit of Ariel Sharon, which triggered the second intifada.

It was not.

How could a Jew visiting the holiest place of Jewry, the very heart and center of Judaism, the Temple Mount ( guess which Temple once stood there ... ), be considered an offense by anyone in his right mind ?!

The "palestinians" may give the impression of being so barbaric, fanatic, inhuman, anti-semitic and dumb.
I mean the "palestinians" you see on TV, those toting the Qran and wearing KKK-masks and bomb belts. Let me be clear: I don't think all "palestinians" are like that, but the ruling gangs' members who have seized power in the PA certainly are .

Not so their LEADERS:

They know exactly that a Jew visiting his holiest site is no offense to anybody, but they declare it to be one nevertheless.

Why ?

They needed some silly excuse to kick off the intifada ... Sharon just came in handy -- and Arafat and the mullahs knew that the gullible western public would buy the sham.

Just as they "excuse" every single terror attack on Israel as a "revenge" for the counter-terrorist actions of the IDF.

That's like murderers justifying their murders of innocent people with police violence against themselves, though they should be hunted down by all means as known murderers.

Such is the "vicious cycle" in Israel ... the jihaddis kill Jews, the IDF ( Israeli Defense Forces ) try to stop them from further attacks and catch those responsible for past murders, and that enforcement of the law ( of the PA ! ) and protection of human lives by Israel is then used as "reason" for more attempts to kill Jewish mothers, fathers, children in caf├ęs and school-busses.

Sick sad world.


Is Ariel Sharon's visit on the Temple Mount the reason for all this carnage ?!


Not even the most hopeless and brainwashed "palestinian" youth would want to die for such a sham.

The real reason is more understandable, but all the more alarming:

The "palestinians" [ when I say "the palestinians" I mean their leading gangs and mullahs chiefly -- not the people, though they're largely brainwashed into believing the islamist gangs' and mullahs propaganda ] pursue thru terror and PR in the M$M - the former does not work without the latter ! - , what the combined armies of the surrounding half dozen Arab states was not able to achieve:

"Drive the Jews into the Sea ..." ... extinct the shining light of democracy which is known to us as the nation of Israel.

This is the true reason behind the intifada, not some petty animosities violated by one person or another !

And sadly we have to witness in these trying times that this strategy works ... Ariel Sharon, whether out of senility or, more likely, due to a deal he struck with Israel's leftist elite of the justice system: Sharon was indicted for bribery - they dropped the serious and well-founded charges after he announced the unilateral plan to ethnically cleanse Gaza of Jews ...

The effect is the same:

Israel is not only giving in to, it is rewarding terror.

And wherever evil is not fought, but rewarded, it will grow all the more ... Hamas and the other gangs have already announced that they would use the strategic high-grounds of the Israeli villages in Gaza after the Jews have been expelled as staging ground for attacks on, and firing ground for Kassam Rockets into Israel proper.

At 8:16 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

Another thing, which I deem important:

"For those who support Diplomacy, the Iranians respond with " Allah Hua Akbar ""

Let's be precise on this one:

The Persian ( Iranian ) people are great !

They cherish Western ( universal ! ) values, they love our way of life, most of all the American one,
and they long for freedom and democracy dearly.

In Iran, it is a narrow ruling class of mullahs and their dependents in the governmental and military bureaucracy, which spreads the seed of hatred.

The people themselves reject this seed, they don't buy into it.

The situation therefore is much different in Iran to that of the PA, where - unfortunately - the ruling gangsters have a substantial base of support within the people ( though much of that is achieved thru intimidation, violence, brain-washing, bribery, etc. ... ).

It will not require a war to get rid of the mullahs, just a little help to the people of Iran to help themselves.

For more information, visit the central site of the Iranian Students Resistance Movement:

Free the Persian Lion !

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Axel Bavaria said...

"Their Nukes are already capable of reaching Paris! So, shouldn't it be a goal for the Europeans to fight against them?"

As a German I can tell you how the Europeans think about that:

They think that they can trade Israel for their own peace ... give Israel to the islamist dogs, and they won't be hungry afterwards, hence not attack us.

This may be true for the day after, when all the islamist jihaddis lie drunken in the streets ( yes, they don't care about the provision of Islam not to drink alcohol ! As they did not in the Church of Nativity ... another proof that Islam has been high-jacked by ruthless gangsters ) ... but afterwards, they'll continue their holy war against the Dar al-Harb, the House of War, that is the whole infidel world.


Note on terminology:

Islamism is the term for the lethal, fanatical, barbaric (mis?)interpretation of Islam which is rampant among the ruling gangsters of the ME these days,

... not to be confused with real Islam and its followers, pious and peacefulmoslems.


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