Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hi, and about Israel - through the eyes of Israeli Teenage.

Some of you might know me as Alexander The Great, but here's what I post:

I live in Israel. As an Israeli Teenage, and as someone who've lived in Terror reality, here's my timeline for these, and my points of view, since Oslo: At 1994, and I'm three years old, everyone were talking about the Oslo Agreements, and about the Peace that was about to come. Even though my familly was rightist, thanks to Oslo, I've always lived in the Leftist Mythology, and as some Israelis ( very stupid ) called it, Good Ashkenazi Jew and a leftist. All that ended in 2001. I was eleven, and the elections were coming. Ehud Barak VS Ariel Sharon. Than, my whole life changed. The Al Aqsa Intifada started, while the Palestinians had a state, because Ariel Sharon visited the Western Wall. So, suddenly, my teacher at school tells us, there's a War, and Ariel Sharon won the elections. My leftist point of view started to crumble, though it didn't crush immidiately. Than, when it seemed that all the world is against us, even our best friend, the USA, something, that set the flame was done. 11.9.01, The twin towers were crushed by a terrorist, whose name is Osama Bin Laden. My world was shocked, and my faith in the Left became smaller. With all the Terrorist attacks, where innocents were murdered, before we invaded. That's continued, while I had no specific opinion. In the 6th grade while I was 12, I've had the biggest luck in the World, I made a research on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. So, I've checked more and more, and I was shocked! My leftist point of view completly collapsed, I became rightist, and I've checked and learnt more and more, and i've read the Oslo Agreements, the source to the problem. Well, in my 7th Grade I've changed my opinion so fast, and I've started giving lectures in my Arabic Class about Islam and Politics. Today, I'm afraid of the future, of WWIII that will happen, I think you know. Now you tell me!

And as I've written about the past, I'll now write about the Future. It's no shame to say, that there's an intiate propaganda within the Israeli teenages. All the songs that people say they're " cool ", are actually songs that's based upon Israel and warrlike countries are wrong. That's how songs are. Not mentioning the Rabbin Memorial Day. As they say in the leftists propaganda: Rabbin was murdered by hideous and crazy rightist groups. As I've proven, it's not a problem to make Objective Subjective. So, in every Memorial Day they bring to us photos of Rabbin, and tells us how close he was to achieve peace.... Excuse me, but that b********t. Rabbin knew absoultly nothing about Politics, and Oslo was one of the worst things ever happened to Israel, after the Yom Kippur war. I've read Oslo, and even though there are parts I don't agree with, I'd say that it could've bring peace. If it was done by Arafat. Arafat lied to Rabbin from the 1st moment. No more than a Liar, that's what he was. So he done nothing he was supposed, and Rabbin gave him weapons, the weapons the Palestinians use against us today. So, to the Future, as I've said, the process od Oslo is absoulutly DEAD. Even though leftists try to revive it, it's dead. And the Propaganda in schools. Very disgusting. People, even teachers compare the Conflict to the Holocaust, in excuse, that's we can compare, because it's similiar. So to all those, where are the Death and Concentration camps? Where are the labour camps? Where are the GHETTOS? They don't exist. I've heard quite often, from both students and teachers, the statements as: We're doing them what's the Egyptians have done to us. The refugee camps are like concentration camps. How can we do a Genocide to others while we passed it? That's what makes me disgust, this sort of Statements. And they say School is Objective... So in the future, I won't doubt that there will also be leftists who will kill rightists.... And to the Iranian problem, I'm sure that if Iran will pass the edge of achieving Nukes, we'll bomb them as we've done to Saddam. But, the future is black by my point of view. Iran heads toward destroying Israel with the Nukes she develops. So if we bomb them for our own security, the world will get into great war. Now, what would you say? But who am I to say?


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